Recrutwin and Beetween: tips for optimizing recruitment management

Sourcing and CV database: recruitment management according to Recrutwin

Who said that recruitment agencies and recruitment software don’t mix? For the past three years, Recrutwin has been using the ATS Beetween software for its recruitment management. Julien Veyre, headhunter manager at Recrutwin, testifies.

Recruitment management with Recrutwin, a sourcing agency

Recrutwin is a digital sourcing and direct approach company. Its headhunters cover all sectors of activity and adopt a 100% digitalstrategy for greater efficiency in their search and approach to candidates.

On a daily basis, we work with more than 1,000 specialized job boards, 2,500 schools and associations, social networks, and we have access to a CV library containing more than 8 million qualified profiles.

Recrutwin in a few figures :

  • 95% Satisfied Customers
  • More than 300 Clients
  • More than 400 Missions Completed

Thanks to this 100% online strategy, assignments are completed within 8 to 15 working days on average. An optimisation of their entire recruitment process, accompanied by the Beetween candidate centralisation software, which allows them to reduce unnecessary costs and adopt affordable rates that adapt to the real needs of the employer.

Organization of your recruitments

The collaborative mode, an asset to progress as a team and be more efficient.

Our team is divided into 3 poles which work in collaboration:

  • The sales and management division, which Julien Veyre is in charge of
  • The marketing department, everything that is advertising to attract prospects online
  • Recruiters/recruitment consultants, who execute the assignments of the prospects obtained each day

I manage the work of each recruiter and in fact everything is centralized on Beetween.

Beetween is used to centralize everyone’s work so that we can see where everyone is in terms of current assignments. Everyone can see the work of others.

Beetween fits well with our recruitment strategy.

We have decided not to compartmentalize recruitment and candidate files for greater transparency. We’ve made sure that everyone sees everyone else’s work so that they know where everyone stands and recruiters can give each other tips when a recruitment is blocked.

So there is a real collaborative work within the team.

Organization of the CV database

Why centralize candidate profiles on a single platform?

Specialized in headhunting, Recrutwin’s recruiters broadcast their job offers on multiple channels from Beetween.
The applications are automatically centralized on the platform and the profiles from the sourcing are imported by e-mail, via the Beetween Sourcing shortcut or manually.

Each source has its own approach and uses its own channels. The ATS allows them to centralize CVs and candidate profiles without limiting the number of channels and leaves all users free to use it as they wish.

Each recruiter therefore applies their own sourcing strategy and then centralises the data on Beetween.

The good thing is that you can easily import CVs into Beetween, so all the research work (hunting) that recruiters do outside Beetween is visible and measurable on the platform. When they find interesting CVs on other platforms, they integrate them directly into Beetween.

Thanks to the transparency of all recruitment missions, the manager can follow the progress of all recruitment files.

How do you use the imported pool of candidates?

Our candidate search strategy combines social networks, CV libraries and job boards. Interesting profiles are loaded into Beetween and the pool can be used as a centralized smart resume database in one place.

Beetween is very intuitive, with keyword searches you can easily find applications.

Each recruiter has his own recruitment mission and works on his file from A to Z. They use the common CV library and make available to their colleagues interesting profiles that have not been recruited.

Beetween has become one of our sourcing channels via the search of profiles in the CV library.

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