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E-mails, SMS, questionnaires, videos… Enhance your entire recruitment communication with Beetween’s ATS software!

An overview of recruitment management

Communication channels

Stay in touch with your candidates

In a highly competitive recruitment landscape, maintaining regular and tailored contact with your candidates is the best way to keep them engaged throughout the process.

Emails, SMS, Videos, Social Media, Career Site, Candidate Portal, Chatbot… utilize all the communication channels provided by Beetween to develop a comprehensive multi channel recruitment communication strategy. This includes both manual and automated, individual and group communications. Your interactions with talents will be greatly facilitated!

Communicate with candidates

Video & On-demand video

Promote human connection and optimize pre-selection with video

Forget about long and boring cover letters… Ask your candidates to showcase their motivation through video! With asynchronous video interviews, you can send questions to the candidate, who will then respond via video using a webcam or simply their smartphone’s camera.

Another utility of video is live video conferencing. It’s particularly useful for increasing productivity and accessibility! At Beetween, we don’t impose any specific tool. You simply connect your preferred video conferencing solution to your Beetween account. You’re free to use your company’s preferred solution to invite candidates for remote interviews.

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Job interview by videoconference

Internal communication

Enhance internal communication and candidate tracking

Recruitment is not just the recruiters’ responsibility; the process can also involve managers and/or members of the executive team. Keeping a record of the various interactions among all stakeholders is crucial for ensuring effective long-term candidate tracking, also known as internal communication.

With Beetween, you can keep track of key exchanges and actions related to a candidate with customizable notes and shared feedback from all parties involved.

Illustration History and Notifications

Automate your communications

Free yourself from time-consuming tasks

What’s better than an action that launches itself based on specific criteria? That’s where email automation comes in. Compose content with dynamic tags (they will automatically be replaced with candidate and/or job data) to personalize communication, and determine the sending criteria.

For example, you can automatically acknowledge receipt of a candidate’s application as soon as it’s received, or notify the candidate about their progress in the recruitment process…

task automation

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