Elevate your employer branding with a powerful career site

Enhance the visibility of your job offers and your employer branding with a custom career site.

Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand

Employer branding

Take charge of your company culture and employer branding

Just like job boards and social media, your career site is often the very first point of contact for potential candidates. But unlike platforms such as Indeed or LinkedIn, your career site has a more institutional value – it represents your company and embodies its image. It’s a vital tool for enhancing your employer brand and increasing the visibility of your job opportunities.

With Beetween, there’s no need for developers. You’ll have a customizable career space that perfectly aligns with your brand, where you can showcase all your job openings. You’ll have complete control over its design and content. We offer various packages to suit all budgets and requirements!

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Job offers visibility

Effortlessly boost the visibility of your job offers

All our career sites are Google Compliant. What does this mean for you? It means that the job openings you publish on our career pages can be easily indexed by search engines and job aggregators like Google For Jobs.

By promoting your job postings on your Beetween career site, you enable candidates to find you effortlessly through their preferred search engine, significantly increasing the number of talented individuals visiting your site!

Improve the candidate experience and candidate journey with Beetween

Brand positioning

Stand out from competitors and win the “talent war

Competition among recruiters is fierce, especially in today’s job market. To differentiate yourself, there’s no better way than to have a career site that showcases your company culture, employer brand, and the candidate journey. Merely offering an interesting position is no longer sufficient to attract top talent. A clear and transparent candidate journey is now essential.

That’s where our tailor-made career sites come in. We work closely with you to understand your functional needs and seamlessly incorporate your complete visual identity. Additionally, we provide expert advice on the most effective types of content to meet your unique requirements.

Our tailor-made career sites also offer the flexibility to highlight multi-site and multi-brand structures, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Career site with Beetween

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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