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Beetween is much more than just a recruitment software. We are a passionate team committed to transforming your recruitment process into a seamless, efficient, and successful experience.

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Who we are

Our journey began in 2007 as a recruiting agency, which allowed us to understand the challenges that companies face when seeking to find top talent. Building on this experience, we developed our own recruiting software to offer a comprehensive and innovative solution.

Originally starting as a simple CV aggregator, Beetween has evolved into a complete and customizable recruiting software.

Beetween enables us to streamline the processing of applications, which used to be very time-consuming. Overall, the tool is easy to handle, highly intuitive and flexible, and it helps us save a lot of time!

Marion Decaen

Marion Decaen

HR Development Manager at UGC

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Today, Beetween encompasses:

  • 7 areas of expertise (Management, Sales, Product, IT, CSM, Support, and Marketing)
  • 4 locations in France
  • 80 employees
  • 800 clients worldwide
  • Over 25,000 active users

Our Values


Human interaction is at the core of our activity, both in our internal operations and in our approach to recruiters, enabling them to focus on the human aspect behind each candidate.


We place great importance on listening, supporting, and maintaining close relationships with our clients and our team members.


We encourage calculated risk-taking and innovation to stay at the forefront of the recruitment industry


We act with honesty, transparency, and commitment to our clients, employees, and social and environmental responsibility


We embrace our social and environmental responsibility by actively contributing to social engagement and integrating sustainable practices into our operations


We form a united, customer-oriented team where collaboration and teamwork are essential for achieving excellence

What is the Beetween?

Beetween is a 100% French recruitment software. We are committed to supporting our customers to enable them to optimize their processes, their employer brand and the candidate experience they offer.

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Our Vision

Our aim is to revolutionize the way companies recruit by providing them with a powerful and intuitive software solution. We firmly believe that recruitment should not be a laborious process but rather an optimized and enjoyable experience.

Our goal is to simplify and automate time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on what matters most: finding the best talents for your business.

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Our Recruitment Solution

Our recruitment software offers a wide range of features designed to meet your specific needs. From requesting recruitment authorization and job posting to candidate pre-selection, evaluation, and interview management, our solution supports you at every step of the recruitment process.

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, our software is easy to use, even for novice users.

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Why choose Beetween?

By choosing Beetween, you benefit from several advantages that make a difference


Our recruitment software allows you to save valuable time by automating many administrative tasks. This enables you to spend more time interacting with candidates and making decisions


Our solution adapts to your specific needs with its customizable features. You can configure the software according to your internal processes and selection criteria

Dedicated Support

We provide responsive technical support and expert advice to guide you in the optimal use of our software. Your success is our priority


Our software evolves according to your needs and the latest recruitment trends. You can enjoy regular updates and new features to stay at the forefront

Beetween, ATS recruitment software, is here to help you throughout your career
Training and customer support
Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc.

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