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Simplify your management of recruitment contracts with the integrated CRM feature in your Beetween ATS

An overview of recruitment management

From order to recruitment

Track your orders and drive your business forward

Whether you are an interim agency, recruitment firm, or IT services company, you recruit not only for your organization but also for your clients. Simplify contract and order management with Beetween’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality. Register your prospects and clients, and link contacts and contracts. Once the recruitments are launched, associate them with your clients and contracts.

In just a few clicks, you can monitor the progress of orders and contracts, track the status of recruitments, and maintain a comprehensive history of all interactions.

Manage your orders and assignments directly in Beetween with our integrated CRM

Consult your clients

Candidate Push: Share profiles with your clients in one click

Do you have multiple clients looking for a similar profile? Have you found a rare gem of a candidate? Share the talent’s CV with all interested clients in a single action using the CV Push feature! Of course, you retain the ability to anonymize and customize each candidate document sent to your clients, share all or part of the associated candidate profile, and allow clients to leave more or less detailed feedback (access to “brief notes,” sending questionnaires, etc.).

Forward an application


Organize your recruitment actions

With Beetween, easily maintain a history of various activities related to your clients and associated recruitments. Centralize all the steps of a mission within the recruitment process and corresponding candidate profiles. Don’t miss any action by using tasks and reminders to stay on top of promising talents!

Find all the action history concerning your orders and missions in Beetween

Manage the activity

Optimize management of your recruitment units

Continuously improve your recruitment processes and gain detailed insights into your activities with personalized statistics. Do you want to analyze recruitment turnaround times per client and mission? Calculate the ROI for specific assignments? We work with you to understand your management needs and build customized statistical tools!

Manage your activities with our recruitment statistics tools

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