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An overview of recruitment management

Pre-select and Engage Candidates

Video interviews: an innovative, simple, and fast tool

Asynchronous video interviews (AVI) or pre-recorded video interviews are a simple, fast, and effective solution for pre-selecting your candidates. The process is very straightforward: you define the questions that candidates need to answer, and then you manually or automatically send them the questionnaire upon receiving an application.

When the candidate is ready to respond, they log in and record their video answers. They can choose to do this on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. These real-time responses are then sent to the recruiter, who can review them (once or multiple times) and/or share them with other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. Fully GDPR-compliant (videos are no longer accessible once the recruitment process is completed), asynchronous video interviews will meet your satisfaction!

Job interview by videoconference

Employer brand

Enhance your employer brand and candidate experience

Pre-recorded video interviews are particularly advantageous for candidates, as they provide them with time to prepare and perform at their best when answering your questions. This solution ensures equal treatment among candidates and significantly reduces recruitment time by avoiding unnecessary travel and repetitive interviews. In fact, only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the traditional face-to-face interview.

Moreover, compared to a cover letter, this solution humanizes the exchange and allows candidates to showcase their soft skills, notably through their demeanor. It is ideal for not missing out on unique profiles, making candidate pre-selection easier. Your employer brand will benefit from an innovative image, and the candidate experience only gets better!

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Collaborative Hiring

Engage your employees by involving them in the recruitment process

Involving managers and employees in the selection of future hires is always beneficial for employee engagement and recruitment success. With pre-recorded video interviews, you enable all stakeholders in the recruitment process to share their opinions from the pre-selection stage, without extending the duration of the recruitment process.

Opinions can be centralized on the candidate profile to ensure no key information is lost and to facilitate communication among all parties involved.

Application for recruitment authorization (recruitment validation circuit) and Managers' opinions


Increase productivity and efficiency

Reviewing an pre-recorded video interview is on average twice as fast as conducting a phone interview. Additionally, with automated sending, this solution is ideal for managing all types of recruitment, even high-volume applications.

In addition to the significant time savings, pre-recorded video interviews provide real efficiency. You can review the recording multiple times, which is not possible with a traditional phone interview. This helps minimize the risks of making a poor hiring decision…

take the worry out of automating low value-added tasks and boost productivity and efficiency

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