Customize your candidates’ journey

Enhance the candidate experience by customizing recruitment journeys independently.

An overview of recruitment management

Employer branding

Master your employer brand at every stage of the recruitment process

By mastering your recruitment stages, you enhance the candidate experience and, consequently, your employer brand. Beetween offers the combination of personalized recruitment funnels and automation to take it further: sending emails or SMS at one stage, conducting questionnaires or skill tests at another one.

A best practice is to automate personalized communication to inform unsuccessful candidates why they were not selected. Take the opportunity to send them a satisfaction questionnaire regarding their candidate experience. Even if not chosen, they will feel valued, and you will gain valuable insights to further optimize your processes.

task automation

Recruitment steps

Transform your recruitment processes into conversion funnels

At Beetween, there is no obligation for candidates to go through your career site if you prefer otherwise. They can directly apply through the various job boards where you advertise your job openings. This provides you with complete freedom in organizing your recruitment.

Take advantage of this and use marketing techniques to turn your recruitment stages into effective candidate conversion funnels. Easily personalize the candidate journey for each recruitment to avoid delays, and effortlessly involve your managers and/or clients in the application analysis.

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Recruitment statistics

Drive your strategy to improve the candidate journey

Easily monitor your improvement efforts using customized statistics. With just a few clicks, identify at which stage(s) of the journey you are losing candidates and which stages are causing recruitment delays. By detecting bottlenecks in the recruitment process, you can make corrections more easily. This way, your employer brand and the candidate journey are continually improving.

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