Centralize all relevant information in a candidate profile

Keep all data collected on talents in one place within a candidate profile, ideal for selecting profiles and managing your talent pools.

An overview of recruitment management

Candidate profile

A comprehensive, personalized, and shared information space

The candidate profile is a key component of any CV library. It includes all the data collected on a candidate: contact details, photo, CV, cover letter, diplomas, skills and any other relevant documents.

With Beetween, you can add and categorize all the practical information you desire, organizing them into fully customizable fields, notes, or questionnaires. In addition, you can keep a record of your exchanges with the candidate, as well as internal communications. Every action is automatically stored in the candidate profile’s history (emails, stage changes, etc.). This profile can be shared with managers or any other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, such as a client recruiter in the case of a recruitment agency.

Find all the information on candidates using Beetween's customisable candidate files.


Personalize your candidate profiles with tags

At Beetween, tags are in the hands of the user, which means they are fully customizable. You can personalize the composition of your candidate profiles based on the specificities of your industry, organization, and recruitment needs. Availability dates, driving licenses, spoken languages, mobility range, candidate scores… The only limit is your imagination!

Information can be added manually or automatically retrieved from various sources: parsing of received documents, candidate responses to questionnaires or skills/personality tests, client or manager questionnaire responses, or simply through an external tool connected to Beetween.

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Talent pool and collaboration

Centralize candidate data to optimize collaboration and talent pool management

With centralized and categorized candidate data, searching for relevant profiles in your CV database becomes effortless, and managing your talent pools is greatly simplified. You can easily select the most relevant profiles to send them tailored communications, all with just a few clicks.

The candidate profile lies at the heart of recruitment, even in collaborative mode! All elements are gathered in one place, shareable with the various stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. No more need to search for managers’ opinions in your emails. With Beetween ATS, you can simply share the recruitment process with managers, and their feedback and responses will be automatically integrated into the profile.

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