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An overview of recruitment management


Beetween features and benefits

What is multiposting?

Job posting multiposting refers to the simultaneous posting of a job ad on a multitude of selected websites. This action is made possible through specialized tools like ATS.

How many job sites can I post my job ads on using Beetween?

With Beetween, you have access to more than 180 partner jobboards to post your job ads and enhance your visibility. Whether they’re paid, free, generalist, or specialized jobboards, the choice is yours! Additionally, we regularly integrate new jobboards to best meet your needs.

What advantages does Beetween’s multiposting offer its clients?

We provide advice to help you publish your job offers on the best jobboards based on your industries. Moreover, we assist you in writing your job offers to optimize them in terms of keywords, which improves their natural referencing and visibility.

How can the Beetween software simplify the candidate pre-selection process?

Beetween offers a range of solutions to optimize your candidate pre-selection. Parsing and recruitment matching allow you to select candidates most likely to fit your job offers. In addition, note-taking systems, rating, questionnaires, and candidate tests are available to make your task easier while helping you find the ideal profile!

Does your ATS software offer tracking and reporting functionalities to assess the effectiveness of our recruitment processes?

Centralization of your candidates, CV sorting, advanced searches, collaboration, candidate automation… numerous elements are at your disposal to establish a sustainable and effective recruitment strategy!

Does your ATS software offer tracking and reporting functionalities to assess the effectiveness of our recruitment processes?

The answer is YES! With Beetween, you have a synthetic and ergonomic dashboard that tracks your recruitment activity. Candidate tracking, jobboard profitability, personalized statistics… various elements are available to help you deploy the best recruitment strategy!

Collaborative recruitment

Collaboration and Customization

How can the Beetween recruitment software enhance collaboration among members of the recruitment team?

At Beetween, we offer solutions tailored to collaborative recruiting! Action history, notifications, task assignment, reminders, comments, manager feedback, recruitment request… numerous solutions are available to make your daily tasks easier!

What are the advantages of collaborative recruitment with Beetween?

Our features dedicated to collaborative recruitment promote effective candidate evaluation, transparent communication among team members, increased engagement from all stakeholders, and thus more informed decision-making while saving time.

Is it possible to customize the recruitment software according to my company’s specific needs?

At Beetween, we offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs, regardless of your industry. That’s why our recruitment solution is fully customizable to deploy a recruitment process that suits your internal operations.

What benefits does the use of this functionality offer?

Increased productivity, integration with existing systems, optimized user experience, scalability, and flexibility… having a personalized ATS tailored to your specific needs offers numerous benefits, guiding you toward an optimal and efficient recruitment strategy.


Subscription and Pricing

Does the Beetween subscription include a commitment period?

At Beetween, we offer different types of subscriptions:

  • A 12-month subscription
  • A 24-month subscription
  • A 36-month subscription

Please note that a decreasing rate is applied based on the duration of your subscription.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

You can change your subscription at the end of the paid period.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Beetween subscription, you need to notify us of your intention by sending a termination letter via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within the timeframe specified in your contract. The information will then be passed on to our teams, who will guide you through the necessary procedure.

Do you offer a free trial or a demonstration of your ATS software?

We are delighted to offer demonstrations of our ATS software to help you discover its features and potential to meet your recruitment needs. Our demonstrations provide you with the opportunity to see our software in action and explore its various solutions tailored to your industries. However, currently, we do not offer a free trial of our platform due to the protection of our tool.

What payment methods can I use?

To subscribe or renew a Beetween subscription, payment can be made via bank transfer, check, or GoCardless direct debit (subject to additional fees).


Integration and interconnection with other systems

How can I transfer my Beetween candidate data to other existing HR systems?

You have two options to achieve this! The first is to use an external API to connect your ATS software to another HR tool. The second involves creating an automation directly within your Beetween tool on the candidate profile. A tag can then be added to indicate the transfer between your Beetween platform and your HR system.

How can I migrate my existing data to your Beetween software?

There are two ways to migrate your existing data to Beetween:

  • If you have a small volume of candidates to import (less than 50), you can integrate your candidate data through an import in the Beetween tool, including all relevant CVs and recruitment files.
  • If you have a large volume of data to import (more than 50), you can retrieve your data from a CSV file detailing the data to be integrated into Beetween. It’s also important to provide URLs stored on an FTP so that our teams can handle the import of the provided information. For more details, please contact our CSM or support team via our contact form!
How can I post a job on a jobboards that are not included in the Beetween partner list?

If you want to post a job or internship on sites that are not part of the Beetween partner list, you have two solutions:

  • If they are jobboards you regularly use, you can ask us to consider integrating these new posting sites into our partner list.
  • If it’s an infrequent posting, you can manually write the job posting on the advertising sites and provide specific information (URL, email address) to receive applications in Beetween.
What is the difference between an ATS software and other recruitment solutions available on the market?

An ATS software is a specialized solution for managing the recruitment process, including candidate management, interview scheduling, and candidate onboarding. It integrates with jobboards, facilitates collaboration among recruitment teams, and provides analysis and reporting functionalities.


Security, GDPR and Support

Does the Beetween software help me comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes! Specifically, Beetween helps you transition to GDPR compliance in your recruitment management. Here are the key points addressed by Beetween:

  • Secure access to candidate data
  • Centralization of data in a single space
  • Tracking and traceability of exchanges
  • Possibility for candidates to update their data or request deletion
  • Automatic expiration of candidate profiles not involved in exchanges for more than 24 months.
What happens to my data at the end of my subscription?

At the end or at any point during your subscription, the data related to your recruitment activities can be manually downloaded or mass-exported by the Beetween technical team to extract all data at once.

What support and assistance services does Beetween offer to users?

More than just a recruitment software, Beetween provides genuine support to companies through a support team and a CSM team, both entirely dedicated to optimizing your recruitment campaigns. Our goal is to save you time, money, and resources in a simple and efficient way!

What are the advantages of Beetween’s service?

Dedicated team for the success of your recruitment projects, in-person or remote training, regular updates… At Beetween, everything is designed to provide you with a trusting relationship with our teams and ensure an efficient recruitment process.

Can you provide me with customer references who are already using your ATS software?

Over 650 clients trust us today and have decided to join the Beetween adventure! Among them, we have a wide range of companies from various sectors, such as Puy du Fou, Lancel, Armonia, UGC Group, Courir, CHU de Brest, and many more.