Beetween is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software that operates in SaaS mode.
An ATS is a software that allows the management of recruitments. The SaaS mode implies that the platform works 100% online. No download or installation on your part is required.

A job board is a recruitment website with job offers updated in real time (e.g. indeed.com). Some more generalist online advertising sites, such as Leboncoin, have been able to develop ‘job’ tabs, thus becoming in part job boards.

Yes and no: you will receive more applications than usual if you publish on more job boards than usual (because the multiposting will take you much less time thanks to Beetween).
On the other hand, if you publish your ads on the same job boards as when you usually post manually, you won’t get more applications.

Beetween allows you to import easily your applications into Beetween via 4 methods:

  • Manual import
  • Automatic import by email
  • Sourcing
  • Mass import

For more information, please consult our documentation.

If you wish to post a job or internship offer on a site that is not on the Beetween partner list, there are 2 solutions available to you:

  • This is a job board that you use regularly: you can ask us to study the integration of this new distribution site in our list of partners.
  • This is an infrequent publication: you can write the job offer manually on the ad site and fill in the specific information (URL, email address) to receive the applications in Beetween.

Yes ! Specifically, Beetween facilitates the transition to GDPR compliance in your recruitment management.
The following are the major points addressed by Beetween:

  • Secure access to applicant data
  • Centralization of data in a single space
  • Follow-up and traceability of the exchanges carried out
  • Possibility for the applicant to update his/her data / request deletion
  • Automatic expiration of candidate files that have not been exchanged for more than 24 months.

For more information, see our dedicated article.

Beetween offers you several formulas, in order to better adapt to your needs.
  • For the management of a pool of candidates only: The FREE formula allows you to manage a CV library but not to publish offers. As its name indicates, this formula is completely free.
  • For small or occasional recruitment needs: the START formula, at €79/month, is perfectly suitable.
  • For recurrent but low-intensity recruitment needs: the PRO package, at €99/month, is the most suitable.
  • For more specific needs: the GOLD formulas are totally customized and will therefore be perfectly adjusted to your needs and budget
You can find our pricing policy and the details of our packages on our page Pricing.

At the end, as at any time during the subscription, the data can be downloaded manually: an action that can be time consuming depending on the size of the data to be downloaded.
It is also possible to request a mass data export by the Beetween technical team to extract all the data at once.

Multiposting is the simultaneous publication of a job ad on a multitude of selected sites. This move is possible thanks to specialized tools such as ATS.

The free job boards allow the publication of job offers on their platform completely free of charge. This category includes most of the websites of higher education institutions or institutional websites such as Pôle Emploi.
On the other hand, paid job boards differ by imposing a financial consideration, generally in the form of a subscription, for the publication of ads on their site.

Beetween keeps its list of partner job boards up to date. You can find it in our documentation.

When posting your job offer, you select the job boards on which you wish to publish from the list of Beetween partner sites.
Your ad will be published on the free sites you have selected and on the paying sites if you have a subscription/contract with them.
Beetween will not cost you more if you select 2 or 15 job boards when publishing a job offer (apart from paid offers on paid job boards, contracts that you establish directly with the job boards in question).

The distribution of job offers is possible on your own website via various means (API, XML feed, etc.).
Beetween can also develop a career site according to your graphic charter in order to improve your employer brand.

All job boards have a specific way of working when it comes to broadcasting from a job multicasting tool.
Pôle Emploi does not integrate job offers on your personal recruiter space when they are published by a job offer multicasting tool, although they are visible to candidates.
It is therefore normal that you do not see them appear on your Pôle Emploi recruiter space.

To take out a START or PRO subscription, payment is naturally made by credit card, although it is possible to consider another means of payment.
For GOLD subscriptions, several ways are available. (monthly / quarterly / annual / etc. SEPA direct debit, bank transfer, cheque, credit card, …).

Beetween works in SaaS, you just need to have an internet access and use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

You can change your subscription at the end of any paid period.

When you have a subscription paid by credit card (START and PRO), it stops automatically at the end of the paid period (Month or Year): the subscription must be renewed manually.
On the other hand, with a GOLD subscription, the duration of the subscription is defined in the contract, which will depend on what you have chosen: the cancellation conditions are mentioned there.

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