ATS: The key asset for large companies

Recruiting in large companies is not always easy: in a context where candidate expectations are increasingly high, and in the face of an unprecedented war for talent, it becomes more difficult to implement effective recruitment management in large corporations!

An overview of recruitment management
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A challenge at every level

Large companies and those with more than 5000 employees are major players in recruitment and employment in France. However, recruitment management for large companies can be complex despite their significant human, technical, and financial resources: high labor market tension, shortage of qualified candidates, and talent wars are challenges that HR teams in large companies must constantly adapt to in order to compete. To achieve this, ATS software like Beetween helps these large groups develop omnichannel and highly effective recruitment strategies to hire the best candidates.

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For every problem, there’s a solution

Enhance recruitment in large enterprises

Optimize your recruitment in large enterprises with our personalized recruitment approach and find exceptional candidates who will make a difference.

Revolutionize your candidate management and generate more qualified applications

When recruiting for large enterprises, reputation and renown can have a double-edged effect. Yes, you receive a high volume of applications, but how many of them are truly qualified? With Beetween ATS, easily and simply sift through the mass of received applications: candidate questionnaires, motivational videos, or personality tests, our software is packed with features to evaluate your talents. Additionally, Beetween allows you to automate many time-consuming tasks to simplify candidate management in large enterprises: centralization and prequalification of profiles, CV analysis systems (CV matching and parsing), advanced searches in your candidate pool, and the ability to preselect candidates using playful star ratings! With Beetween, discover a range of recruitment solutions to make your daily life in a large group more enjoyable.

task automation

Structure your recruitment processes and save time

Recruitment in large enterprises is often associated with something lengthy and complex. This is not entirely untrue: multiple recruitment stages, numerous preliminary interviews before hiring, various selection methods… all these steps contribute to prolonging the decision-making process. Because we understand that hiring a new employee in a large enterprise can sometimes feel like a real challenge, we offer tailor-made solutions to simplify your daily tasks.

Centralization and automation of email sending (interview scheduling, acknowledgment of application receipt, etc.), personalized SMS sending to your candidates, and more. These are the features that allow you to optimize your candidates’ experience while reducing your recruitment timelines. In addition, we provide our clients with tools to streamline collaborative recruitment, with simple and intuitive features such as exchanging opinions between managers and recruiters, an instant notification system to alert stakeholders of recruitment actions to be taken, or the ability to assign tasks to an organization member. In essence, we simplify communication among your employees to save you time and allow you to focus on what matters most: your candidates.

Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc.

Build your career site and drive your employer brand to excellence

In large enterprises, standing out from competitors is a necessity to attract skilled talents. Your career site is the ideal ally to emphasize your company culture. It’s also a great way to attract the best candidates while making your company and job offers more appealing! Through photos, videos, or testimonials from your teams, you showcase your expertise and the roles that make up your company to potential talents. If well-constructed, your career site makes it easier to attract profiles in high demand and encourages candidates to envision themselves as part of your teams. This is a real challenge considering that:

  • 49% of employers believe they lack the necessary tools to effectively promote their employer brand.
  • 75% of job seekers take into consideration the employer’s brand image before applying for a job in a company.
  • A strong employer brand increases the number of highly qualified applications by 50%.
Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand
task automation Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc. Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand


The essentials of recruitment in a large enterprise

Multiposting job offers

Save time by publishing your job offers on over than 180 job boards

Centralizing applications

Gather all applications in a unique, qualified and personalized CV database

Nurturing talent pools

Develop and engage your talent pools

Automating tasks

Reduce your recruitment times by automating low value-added tasks (acknowledgements of receipt, emails, SMS, invitations, etc.).

Managing recruitment as a team

Recruit collaboratively and involve managers in decision-making

Qualifying candidate files automatically

Our parsing and matching tools automatically pre-fill your candidate profiles

Employer branding

Develop and highlight your employer brand with a custom career site

Innovative recruitment techniques

Video interviews, chatbot, AI, smart campaigns… We regularly integrate new technologies into our software

Candidate experience

Personalize and enhance the candidate experience by tailoring the recruitment process to each desired position

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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