Adapt your recruitment processes for better candidate management

Beetween supports you in managing your applications to facilitate your recruitment: centralized and personalized CV database, collaborative recruitment, communication… and more!

An overview of recruitment management


Centralize applications and automate time-consuming tasks


Save time

  • Candidate applications in one place
  • Custom CV database
  • Automatic acknowledgment of applications
  • Parsing of provided documents


Collaborate for better recruitment

  • Internal communication
  • Recruitment sharing
  • Manager’s opinion
  • In-app CRM
  • Manager licences


Enhance candidate experience & employer branding

  • Tailored career site
  • Management by agency / site / brand
  • Tailor-made recruitment steps
  • Questionnaires & Assessment


Optimize candidate journey

Centralize all applications and automate time-consuming tasks

In one place, you can gather all candidate applications. A comprehensive dashboard provides a quick overview of all ongoing recruitments. Each application is automatically recorded in the corresponding recruitment, and customizable automatic acknowledgments confirm the receipt of the candidate’s application. High-quality parsing populates the candidate profile fields and pre-qualifies the application for you.

Involve your managers and clients in the process

Smooth communication between different stakeholders in the recruitment process is essential for making informed decisions and improving the candidate experience. With Beetween, share recruitments with different access rights for each participant based on their needs. Need feedback on a specific candidate? Easily forward the candidate’s file to managers or clients with just one click. You can even anonymize the application if necessary!

For staffing agencies, our integrated CRM seamlessly links contracts and missions to different recruitments.

Manage applications for multiple sites and brands in one tool

In multi-site or multi-brand management, it’s essential to validate the specific site or brand for which you are recruiting. With Beetween, associate the site and/or brand right from the multi-channel job posting using SIRET management and associated image libraries. Organizing your users into groups and departments facilitates efficient communication and sharing candidate profiles with the right stakeholders.

The Beetween advantage? We create fully customized, multi-brand career sites where you can promote each service, department, or brand while automatically displaying available job offers!

Enhance your candidates’ experience with an adapted process

Each recruitment is unique, with specific profiles, associated responsibilities, and required skills. Not all recruitments require the same process. An excessively lengthy selection process may cost you the most promising talents! With Beetween, personalize the recruitment stages, send tailored questionnaires to pre-qualify candidates, and even automatically send personalized rejections to declined applicants. All these efforts contribute to continuous improvement of your employer brand.

task automation
Team recruitment and collaborative recruitment
Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand
Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc.

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