HR Consulting : Recruit efficiently with 2.0 tools

Find out how digitalization can help recruitment agencies deliver high-quality services while efficiently managing their clients’ projects.

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Optimize your customer management with 2.0 tools

Recruitment trends are evolving rapidly, shaped by relentless technological advances and significant changes in candidate expectations. As experts in their field, recruitment agencies must therefore constantly adjust their strategy to adapt to the changing needs of their customers and candidates, while maintaining the quality of their services. The integration of 2.0 tools such as recruitment software (ATS), HRIS and CRM can play a key role in this adaptation.

Explore how digitization and the use of these tools can help strengthen your delivery of high-quality services, while ensuring efficient management of your customer projects.

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For every problem, there’s a solution

HR Consultancy: Improve your recruitment processes

As recruitment experts, you need to adopt a proactive approach, to become key players in your customers’ HR strategy. How can we do this? By offering them recruitment solutions in line with market trends.

Automate time-consuming administrative tasks

As a recruitment agency, you’re often inundated with applications, and manually sorting each file for each client can be tedious and time-consuming. ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software offers an efficient management solution, automating the sorting process among other things. ATS enables recruitment agencies to define specific criteria, such as skills, experience and qualifications, to automatically filter applications. Advanced search, filters, tags, but also recruitment files by client, by position… Beetween brings together in a single tool everything you need to approach your recruitment with peace of mind.

Other significant advantages include the automation of numerous daily tasks: scheduling interviews, sending follow-up e-mails and collecting feedback from recruiters, as well as broadcasting your offers, sending acknowledgements of receipt or rejections, creating candidate files and sending questionnaires! With Beetween, everything becomes simpler: you reduce the time spent on routine tasks and speed up the overall process.

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Personalize your recruitment strategy

Each recruitment agency has its own specificities, and each recruitment assignment is unique. A second major issue is the personalization of the professional recruitment strategy. As HR agencies, you need to be able to tailor your approach to the specific needs of your customers.

In this respect, an ATS offers features that enable you to customize your recruitment strategy. In particular, it enables you to define specific criteria for each position, adjust recruitment channels according to the profiles sought, and personalize communications with candidates. As a result, you can offer recruitment consulting services tailored to each customer, reinforcing your position as a strategic and privileged partner.

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Efficiently manage your candidate database for proactive HR management

Effective talent management is a necessity for any HR organization. And taking a proactive approach to talent management is the gateway to success. As a consulting firm, you need to be able to anticipate your customers’ future skills requirements.

An ATS like Beetween offers data analysis tools that enable recruitment agencies to track job market trends, identify emerging skills and build pools of potential talent. Our tool, for example, enables you to centralize all relevant information on your candidates. This means you can quickly access existing profiles, avoid data loss and facilitate the search for potential candidates for future positions. Ideal when you need to recruit urgently for your customers!

With Beetween, you can create your own pool of candidates by availability, specific qualifications, skills and any other information that might be useful to you. You’ll never have managed emergencies so simply… and with so much peace of mind!

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Adopt a synergy of tools for complete customer management

In the teeming universe of 2.0 tools on the market, the most important thing is to find the one that perfectly meets your needs. ATS and CRM have distinct functions. In fact, their synergy ensures complete customer management, optimizing the recruitment process and customer satisfaction. A concrete example of this synergy: the ATS publishes job offers, the CRM registers the selected candidates with their skills, The good news? Beetween combines the advantages of an ATS with the relevance of a CRM, thanks to its integrated CRM!

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Portrait of a recruiter analysing a candidate's CV in an HR agency Portrait of a woman who smiles at work in an open space Two colleagues discussing the deployment of proactive HR management at work Staff, collaboration and equipment with a team working together in synergy to innovate


Essentials recruitment for the HR Consulting sector

In the HR Consulting sector, recruitment mainly suffers from a lack of qualified candidates for diverse and specific profiles. It is therefore essential to:

  • Develop talent pools
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • More easily target the best candidates

To achieve this, Beetween offers many features, including:

CV management

Centralize all applications and candidate profiles in a unique and qualified CV database.

Multi-posting job offers

Save time and increase your visibility by publishing your job offers on over 180 job boards in a single operation.

Talent pools management

Create, nurture and engage your qualified talent pools to build loyalty among your temporary workers and reduce your recruitment lead times.

Automated emails

Schedule automatic emails sent on specific action and maintain a relationship with your candidate during the whole recruitment process.


Nurture your talent pools with the sourcing feature. Employee referral, social media, online CV database… You can use all CV sources!

Search & Matching

Find relevant candidates hidden in your CV database thanks to filtered searches and scored matching.

Custom candidate questionnaires

Easily pre-qualify all candiates thanks to custom questionnaires. Use templates or create your own.

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