Tailored preselection through questionnaires

Enhance your candidate knowledge and facilitate profile preselection by using customizable questionnaires and skills tests with ATS Beetween.

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Candidate questionnaire

Effortlessly complete the information gathered upon receiving the application

The candidate questionnaire is one of the most appreciated features by our recruiter users. Send questionnaires manually or automatically to your candidates to gather additional information about them and facilitate your preselection process.

Fully customizable, the questionnaires can be used at different stages of the candidate journey to collect administrative data, assess candidate skills, or even renew their consent to store their personal data in compliance with GDPR regulations!

Forward an application


Create your own custom candidate questionnaires in just a few clicks

Personalize the questionnaires to easily test your candidates’ skills.

You can create your own tests, whether they are focused on soft skills or hard skills, and use them freely during your recruitment processes.

You have three options to send the questionnaires to candidates:

  • Manually, to one or multiple candidates at once.
  • Automatically, upon receiving the application.
  • Automatically, when the candidate reaches a predefined stage in your recruitment process.
Illustration questionnaire and survey


Save time with pre-written skills tests

We are connected with numerous partners specialized in skills testing.

To assess the soft skills and cognitive abilities of your candidates, we recommend our specialized partners. With their selection algorithms and intelligent campaigns, you can effortlessly preselect candidates to integrate into your Beetween ATS, while providing an engaging and enjoyable candidate journey.

Certain professions require specialized skills tests. That’s where our specialized partners come in. With them, you gain access to a wide range of pre-designed tests tailored to specific industries such as nuclear, manufacturing, construction, and IT.

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