Find relevant profiles from your CV library with matching

With matching, do internal sourcing by searching your candidate database for the most relevant profiles.

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Optimize job offers and save time on drafting them

Integrate artificial intelligence into your job posting process and save valuable time. Define your expectations, roles, desired profiles, as well as the tone of the writing and necessary soft skills. Generate a library of compelling and tailored job offer templates that align with your employer brand and meet web referencing criterias.

This way, your job postings not only gain visibility but also relevance through constantly evolving algorithms.

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Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) guide you in your selection

A simple search in your CV database, even when well-filtered, can return a large number of results. Let artificial intelligence take over and guide you to the most relevant profiles. To do so, select your criteria, and our matching tool will calculate a compatibility score for each candidate.

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Advanced search

Easily source candidates from your CV database with advanced search

Your candidate database is undoubtedly your best source of qualified profiles. With a personalized tagging system, your candidate profiles are tailored to the specificities of your organization, industry, and roles. Each of these tags can then be used as a filter in the advanced search. This way, you can identify the best talents in your database with just a few clicks!


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