Interconnect your HR tools with our ATS

Take it to the next level and increase your recruitment productivity by integrating your preferred HR tools into our ATS.

An overview of recruitment management


Enhance fluidity by integrating your preferred tools

Beetween simplifies the integration of your daily HR tools with your ATS for a smoother and more efficient recruitment experience. Whether it’s a video conferencing solution for conducting remote interviews, a tool for on-demand video interviews to assess candidates flexibly, a calendar for scheduling appointments, an HRMS (Human Resources Management System), or a payroll software to manage your HR processes, Beetween ensures a simple and convenient API connection.

Benefit from a personalized and seamless experience using your preferred tools while leveraging the power of Beetween!

Interconnection of HR tools


Optimize your recruitment and increase productivity

Enrich your ATS with all the elements specific to your recruitment processes and/or your industry. Posting on specialized job boards, leveraging social networks, automating tests and questionnaires (skills, soft skills, etc.), or using sourcing and referral solutions are all valuable additions to enhance your ability to find the ideal candidate.

By combining your Beetween CV database with partner CV databases and associated matching tools, you also optimize your capacity to handle large volumes of applications and avoid missing out on top talent. This significantly reduces your recruitment timeframes!


Employer branding

Boost your employer brand by enhancing the candidate experience

The synchronization of your tools is not solely aimed at improving productivity. It is also of great help in developing your employer brand and streamlining the candidate journey: one-click application, intelligent communication campaigns, advertisements, and more.

Capture the interest of talents and maintain it throughout the entire recruitment process!

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