Improve your employer brand with a custom career site

Discover how Beetween boosts your employer brand and helps you stand out from your competitors to recruit even more talent.

An overview of recruitment management


Make your employer brand shine


Enhance your employer brand

  • Custom career site
  • Interface customization
  • Customization of emails and other documents


Control the candidate journey

  • Recruitment steps customization
  • Questionnaires & Assessment


Improve the candidate experience

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart campaigns
  • Personalized communications

Employer brand

Stand out from competitors with an enhanced employer brand

Improve your employer brand with a custom career site

The best way to enhance your employer brand is through effective communication, and your career site is the ideal platform for that! Transparent candidate journeys, company culture, values, and offered benefits – all these elements are essential to set you apart from your competitors! To help you achieve this, we offer various career site packages tailored to all budgets and needs.

Take full control of the candidate journey from A to Z

With Beetween, you retain full control over the entire candidate journey. For each recruitment, you can modify the recruitment stages to tailor them to the specific position. This way, you easily stay in touch with the candidate while qualifying your database through automated emails and questionnaires, including application acknowledgments, supplementary information questionnaires, competency and personality tests, and justification of application rejections.

Adapt candidate communication at every stage

Manage your communication right from the job ad writing, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to customize your contact methods at each recruitment stage:

  • Before the application: Stay transparent about talent inquiries with a chatbot and quickly draft job offers using AI assistance.
  • Upon receiving the application: Automatically confirm receipt through email or SMS.
  • During candidate pre-qualification: Request supplementary information with personalized questionnaires and tests and discover candidate motivation through video interviews.
  • During the recruitment process: Keep the talent informed of their progress via email/SMS and invite them to interviews.
  • At the end of the recruitment: For declined applications, automatically notify candidates while providing justification. For accepted candidates, generate the employment contract and deliver it to the recruited talent!

Adopt Talent Recruitment Management

Talent Recruitment Management (TRM), also known as Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), is a strategic approach to recruitment that optimizes the search for the best talents. It significantly improves the employer brand by providing a transparent and seamless candidate experience, attracting top candidates, and retaining current employees.

By strengthening communication with candidates, TRM also enhances the company’s reputation as an employer of choice in a competitive market. Increased communication with potential candidates who interest you boosts the likelihood that they’ll apply when a relevant position becomes available (coming soon).

Our experts support you

Choosing Beetween means having support at every step. Industry experts advise you on implementing the right features, specialists configure your accounts for you, and experienced advisors assist you in your daily use of our ATS.

For your employer brand, we adopt the same mantra! Our web project managers accompany and advise you in creating your custom career site, while our partner HR agencies are here to help your employer brand shine.

Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand
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Improve the candidate experience and candidate journey with Beetween
Talent Recruitment Management (TRM)
Training, follow-up, expert advice... we're with you every step of the way

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Training, follow-up, expert advice... we're with you every step of the way

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