Manage your talent pools

Create, feed, organize, and manage pools of qualified candidates to streamline future hiring with your Beetween recruitment software.

An overview of recruitment management


Talent pools : qualified profiled on hand


Nurture your talent pools

  • Centralized CV database
  • Sourcing
  • Employee referral


Organize your talent pools

  • Customizable candidate profiles
  • Questionnaires & Assessment
  • Automatic parsing


Engage your talent pools

  • Matching
  • Email, SMS, video
  • Smart campaigns
  • Talent Relationship Management

Talent pools

Recruiting faster with talent pools

Continuously nurture your talent pools

Enrich your talent pools at will with Beetween. Create different talent pools according to your needs and populate them with spontaneous applications received, interesting profiles that were not selected for the specific recruitment, or through various sourcing or referral activities. With Beetween, you can move a candidate profile into one of your talent pools with just one click: the profile is then pre-qualified and complete.

Qualify your candidates

At Beetween, candidate profiles are fully customizable. In order to answer your specific needs, you can create custom fields to qualifiy each candidate. From automatic parsing and documents provided by the candidate to questionnaires & assessments, you can ensure a excellent pre-qualification.

Don’t miss out on talent anymore

Engage qualified talent pools has never been easier! With Beetween, use all communication supports at your disposal (email, SMS, video) and create real nurturing campaigns to maintain a relationship with your most promising candidates. With Beetween ATS, you stay effortlessly GDPR compliant with automatic requests for renewal of agreement to retain personal data.

Thanks to advanced technological tools, you can create and maintain a base of qualified and interesting candidates, even outside active recruitment periods. TRM (Talent Relationship Management) facilitates regular monitoring of your potential candidates, maintaining personalized communication and identifying talent suitable for future roles.

New recruitment? Find the rare gem in your talent pools.

One of the longest stages of recruitment is the search for qualified candidates. Cut the time spent on this stage in half with your qualified talent pools. With advanced search, you can easily find compatible profiles in your CV database for your ongoing recruitment. In addition, our matching feature will push you the most qualified profiles with a matching score!

Feed your talent pools
Illustration questionnaire and survey
Improve the candidate experience and candidate journey with Beetween
Illustration of the matching feature


Find out how to manage talent pools in 1mn 30

Searching for talent can be tedious, but with our CV database, you can centralize and efficiently manage all received CVs, thus finding ideal candidates faster. In this video, we will show you how our CV database tool can simplify your recruitment process and help you find the best candidates for your organization.

Centralized and organized CV database

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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