Recruiting in the teamporary staffing sector

Optimize your temporary recruitment with an ATS software. Simplify the search, selection, and management of qualified temporary workers to meet your temporary staffing needs.

Overview of your temporary staffing sector recruitment
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A sector in need of qualified candidates

Temporary staffing recruitment presents significant challenges for companies and specialized placement agencies. At the top of the list is the need to quickly and efficiently find qualified personnel to meet the ever-growing demand for temporary staff. Fortunately, using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software provides solutions to address these challenges. According to a study conducted by Aptitude Research, using an ATS can reduce the time to fill a temporary position by 48%, thus increasing recruitment efficiency. While temporary staffing recruitment poses complex challenges, an ATS software offers solutions for workforce management, talent selection, and workforce optimization. According to a CareerBuilder study, companies using an ATS experienced a 43% increase in productivity in temporary staffing recruitment.

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For every problem, there’s a solution

Improve recruitment in temporary staffing sector

Industry, Tertiary, Healthcare… Temporary staffing agencies are present in all sectors of activity. Whether it’s in the restaurant industry, agriculture, or healthcare facilities, temporary recruitment faces a high volume of applications throughout the year. To support you in managing your recruitments, Beetween offers numerous functionalities tailored to the specific needs of temporary staffing agencies.

Create, maintain and activate qualified candidate pools with just one click

One of the main difficulties in temporary staffing recruitment is finding qualified temporary workers within tight deadlines. As a temporary recruitment agency, you need to be able to quickly respond to your clients’ needs for temporary staff. However, this can be a real challenge given the unpredictable nature of demand. An ATS software can facilitate your recruitment tasks by offering centralized management of temporary resources. Agencies can build a pool of qualified candidates by recording their skills, availability, experience, and other relevant information. When a need arises, you can then perform targeted searches in your database to quickly find candidates that match the required criteria.

Feed your talent pools

Increase visibility with multi-posting on multiple platforms

The volume of multi-posting is a major concern for temporary staffing agencies. The need to regularly repost job offers on different platforms and job sites can be tedious and time-consuming for your HR teams. However, to meet the expectations and needs of your clients, it is essential that job offers have excellent visibility. An ATS software like Beetween can help solve this problem by facilitating the multi-posting of your job offers on over 180 generalist and specialized job boards, reaching a wide range of potential candidates. Thus, your temporary staffing agencies can quickly and easily publish their offers on multiple channels, increasing the visibility and reach of their job offers, while significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage this task.

Multicast your job offers in one click on numerous job boards and schools with Beetween

Obtain key information for available positions

When recruiting in the temporary staffing sector, finding the right candidates can be a real challenge. Between the need for specific skills and urgent requirements, it is often difficult to address selection issues. With Beetween ATS software, simplify your recruitment process: ask essential questions from the application stage and sort candidates based on key criteria such as qualifications, temporary work experience, availability, etc. Save time by avoiding off-target applications and quickly find qualified temporary workers to meet your specific temporary recruitment needs.

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Feed your talent pools Multicast your job offers in one click on numerous job boards and schools with Beetween Illustration questionnaire and survey


Essentials recruitment for the temporary staffing sector

In the Temporary Staffing sector, srecruitment mainly suffers from a lack of qualified candidates for diverse and specific profiles. It is therefore essential to:

  • Develop talent pools
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • More easily target the best candidates

To achieve this, Beetween offers many features, including:

CV management

Centralize all applications and candidate profiles in a unique and qualified CV database.

Multi-posting job offers

Save time and increase your visibility by publishing your job offers on over 180 job boards in a single operation.

Talent pools management

Create, nurture and engage your qualified talent pools to build loyalty among your temporary workers and reduce your recruitment lead times.

Automated emails

Schedule automatic emails sent on specific action and maintain a relationship with your candidate during the whole recruitment process.


Nurture your talent pools with the sourcing feature. Employee referral, social media, online CV database… You can use all CV sources!

Search & Matching

Find relevant candidates hidden in your CV database thanks to filtered searches and scored matching.

Custom candidate questionnaires

Easily pre-qualify all candiates thanks to custom questionnaires. Use templates or create your own.

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