Recruitment sharing: the key to be successful

Collaborative hiring with Beetween : share information and review applications with your team!

An overview of recruitment management

Manager questionnaire

Engage your colleagues to score a candidate profile

When hiring as a team, it is crucial to centralize all feedback from managers, clients, and other stakeholders involved in the hiring process. With the manager questionnaire (also usable for your clients recruitment), you standardize opinions and can automatically establish a score for each application.

Create your questions and associate responses with tags to better qualify each profile. Your questionnaires are reusable and can be modified at any time. All responses are stored in the candidate’s profile and can be accessed at any time.

Managers in meeting

Share with your team the applications received

Share all or part of a candidate profile with different stakeholders

Another aspect of collaborative hiring is sharing a candidate profile or “forwarding.” It allows you to send a consultation link to a third party, whether they are a Beetween user or not, while choosing the information to be transmitted: documents (CV, cover letter, diplomas), summary, notes, candidate’s name, etc.

This makes it easy to send an anonymized CV to a client for an informed opinion on the application. To save time, you can use email templates and add a manager questionnaire.

Forward an application

Recruitment sharing

Automatically involve managers and clients in the recruitment process

Beyond tracking a candidate, the sharing of recruitments automatically involves selected stakeholders. Create your recruitment, customize the process steps, and define the different stakeholders. With just one click, you can customize access rights for each participant.

By sharing recruitments, you automate team recruitment while keeping a record of exchanges and actions. You assign tasks to each individual and notify specific stakeholders.

task automation

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