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Everything you need to know

Equipping yourself with dedicated software is the best way to digitize your hiring process. But do you really know what an ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) is? How will digitizing your recruitment process improve both your employer brand and the productivity of your recruiters? Let’s take a closer look at everything you absolutely need to know before making the decision to equip yourself.

An overview of recruitment management

Why digitize your recruitment process ?

  • Recruitment software
  • ATS
  • Productivity

Here’s the first question to ask yourself: What is the purpose of digitizing your recruitment process? Whether you’re in Human Resources or a business leader, what do you gain by investing in an ATS software? Let’s start by stating the obvious: an ATS software must comply with GDPR regulations. But apart from that, why should you digitize your recruitment process?


reduction in recruiting time

25 mn

saved on each job offer published

Increase productivity

Increase productivity and streamline your hiring process

  • Publish your job offers on multiple job boards with just one click
  • Automate repetitive tasks and focus on human management
  • Save costs on job postings by optimizing the choice of jobboards through integrated reporting tools
  • Improve collaboration between managers and recruiters
  • Centralize all your recruitment-related data in a single tool

Enhance your employer brand

Enhance the candidate experience through your ATS software

  • Be visible where your talents are
  • Communicate with candidates across all platforms via email, SMS, video calls, etc.
  • Simplify and streamline the candidate journey with collaborative recruitment management and automation of low-value-added tasks
  • Gain deeper insights into candidate behavior with personalized reporting
  • Highlight your employer brand with a customized career site
Illustration of career site creation feature


of employees are concerned about the handling of their personal data by their employer

Find the balance

Efficiently manage your recruitment activities with secure systems

  • Track the ROI of your sponsored job offers
  • Measure the performance of the job boards you use
  • Monitor the activity of your recruitment teams
  • Obtain conversion rates and time-to-fill metrics with just one click at each stage of the recruitment process
  • Anticipate your recruitment needs through better understanding of your activities
  • Centralize all candidate data in a secure tool

Not convinced yet?

Still have concerns about digitizing your recruitment process?

“Equipping ourselves is a significant cost for my company”

We design a customized plan to adapt to your needs and budget. With Beetween, you can save up to 10 times the amount invested!

cost reduction
“I will have to train my employees, and it will take too much time”

We offer our clients various training options: on-site, remote, user guides, tutorials, etc. For all budgets and schedules!

Feed your talent pools
“I don’t know how to configure such a tool, I won’t be able to manage it”

We provide a turnkey solution. We handle the configuration of your account and provide training on its use.

Training and customer support
“Changing our processes to adapt to software might disrupt our entire organization”

With Beetween, it’s the software that adapts to you, not the other way around! We configure our tool based on your processes, HR tools, and needs.

2 people shaking hands
cost reduction Feed your talent pools Training and customer support 2 people shaking hands

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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reduction observed in recruitment time

Piles of CV several metres high were accumulating in the premises, and there was no classification system to properly exploit this data. Beetween allows the CHU to save time spread over the entire recruitment process!

Customer testimonial sandrine perhirin

Sandrine Perhirin

Head of Partnerships & Communication DRCI


of our clients see an improvement in their candidate experience

Beetween has transformed our candidate monitoring: more qualitative while allowing quantitative monitoring, our Recruitment team has greatly improved the management of recruitment needs and returns to candidates.

Customer testimonial Thérèse Delibes

Thérèse Delibes

HR manager


more qualified applications

Thanks to Beetween’s integration with the most effective job boards and our existing tools, we’ve seen the reception of qualified applications double! Beetween has also allowed us to standardize the recruitment processes within the Armonia group.

Houda Khalil Mimouni

Houda Khalil-Mimouni

Communication, Marketing & Sourcing Manager


How to digitize your recruitment process?

  • Employer brand
  • Inbound recruiting
  • Candidate journey

ATS software enhances your recruitment processes from A to Z!

From expressing your needs to hiring future collaborators, ATS software optimizes and automates a range of time-consuming tasks, allowing you to save valuable time! It’s a real advantage for streamlining your internal recruitment management, reducing hiring costs, and improving your overall human resources service.

Let’s see how an ATS recruitment software is used at each stage of Inbound Recruiting.

1st Stage

Attracting Candidates with Recruitment ATS

The first step in an inbound recruiting strategy is to attract candidates and select the right profile!

Attracting candidates is a challenging mission for recruiters, especially in the current talent shortage and increased competition. To overcome these difficulties, employer branding has become omnipresent and is one of the keys to increase the volume and quality of applications.

Once the applications are received, the next step is to preselect them correctly and swiftly to ensure a smooth candidate journey.

What tools does our ATS provide to attract candidates?

  • Custom career site for employer branding
  • Advanced search in your talent pool
  • Customizable tags to optimize advanced search in the CV database
  • Sourcing on social networks
  • Sourcing on public or partner CV databases
  • Multi-posting to over 180 job boards in a single operation
  • Republishing/unpublishing a job offer on all distribution channels in a few clicks
  • Suggestion engine for selecting job boards when posting an ad

79% of candidates research a company before applying

2nd Stage

Converting Talent

The second step in an inbound recruiting strategy is to convert candidates into collaborators. To achieve this, it’s essential to provide an optimal candidate experience!

Optimizing the candidate experience and converting new recruits is one of the most crucial challenges for HR professionals. However, it’s not the simplest task to accomplish. With increasing competition and a candidate journey focused more on the human aspect, it has become complex to meet the expectations of talent and find the ideal profile.

The good news is that our recruitment software is designed to automate numerous tedious tasks while ensuring a good quality of interaction between recruiters and candidates. With great utility in pre-qualifying and qualifying candidates, ATS software offers a range of features to streamline your recruitment process.

With such time savings, no talent will slip through your fingers!

On average, only 46% of applications are read

What tools does our recruitment ATS provide to convert talent?

  • Centralization of applications
  • Automatic sorting of applications into folders corresponding to different recruitments
  • Creation and automated/manual sending of candidate questionnaires and/or other recruitment tests
  • Automated and customizable acknowledgement of receipt for applications
  • Automated completion of candidate profiles from applications or sourcing actions (Parsing)
  • Multi-channel candidate communication: email, SMS, video conferencing, asynchronous video…
  • Automated and personalized communication based on the stage of the recruitment process
  • Matching of profiles with job offers.

3rd Step

Retaining Employees

Employee retention is the ultimate step in an inbound recruiting strategy to integrate and engage new hires with your brand! After all, the average cost of recruitment exceeds €5,300. Failing to retain employees means investing in vain.

To achieve this, the onboarding process plays a crucial role in ensuring that new hires identify with your values and company culture.
Personalized welcome, responsive communication, mentorship programs, and talent tracking are just a few measures to make candidates feel at home!

Beyond onboarding, employee engagement in various company activities, including the recruitment of new team members, is essential to maintain a sense of belonging throughout their tenure within your organization.

What tools does Beetween offer to retain employees?

  • Different license levels (administrator, recruiter, manager, guest)
  • Task assignment with self-reminders or reminders to other users
  • User notifications and logging of contacts and actions on a candidate profile
  • Manager reviews and ratings
  • Recruitment Request Approval Workflow
  • Employee referral management
  • Internal job board
  • Integration with all your other HR tools (HRIS, payroll management, etc.)

40% of permanent contracts are terminated within the first year of hiring

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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Choosing your ATS software: best practices

  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Comparison
  • ATS software

1st step

Evaluate your functional needs

Analyzing your functional needs is key to increasing the chances of recruitment success.

How many recruitments do I typically conduct in a year?

The number of recruitments influences the automation needs and, therefore, the cost of your recruitment ATS subscription. Additionally, using an ATS software may not be cost-effective for fewer than 20 annual recruitments.

Which job boards do I use to advertise my job offers?

Multichannel job posting is the foundation of a recruitment ATS. Ensure that the ATS software you select meets this requirement. Don’t hesitate to contact a sales representative regarding this matter, as many ATS software providers do not disclose the full list of integrated job boards. At Beetween, we consider all requests for integration with new job boards, but not all ATS software providers offer this level of connectivity.

What types of profiles do I recruit?

Depending on the type of profile you are looking for, you may find yourself in two opposing situations:

  1. Managing a high volume of applications: Parsing and matching features will be extremely valuable or even necessary.
  2. Facing a shortage of candidates: Sourcing and advanced CV database management features become essential.
How many people are involved in the recruitment process?

Here, you need to list all the people involved in the recruitment process and their roles. With Beetween ATS software, we configure different types of licenses to better tailor access based on each user’s role. The best practice is to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are involved in the recruitment process?
  • What is their role in the recruitment process?
  • What actions do they need to perform during the recruitment process?

This way, you will have a clear idea of your user needs.

What are the current pain points in my recruitment management?

Time wasted on posting job offers on various job sites, CV screening… List all the issues you encounter in your current recruitment management. This will help you prioritize your needs.

Does my organization have specific requirements?

Do you manage multiple brands or entities? Do you need to manage one or more different recruitment processes within the same tool? Do you need to integrate one or more approval workflows before starting recruitment? These aspects involve highly customized software solutions. Not all recruitment ATS software offers this level of adaptability.

Do I need a career site or to connect the software to an existing one?

Most ATS software providers offer career pages, but not all offer fully customized career sites that highlight your employer brand. What are your requirements in this regard? Are you satisfied with a simple page, or do you need a tailor-made solution to showcase your employer brand?

Do I need a tool that can integrate with other software?

One of the most significant advantages of digitization is the ability to integrate tools. Can the ATS software connect with the tools you already use? Does it need to replace them?

2nd step

Define the framework for your digitalization project

The framework of your project is your best friend when identifying the added value of the project while aligning the necessary requirements for its implementation.

What are my most important selection criteria?

Now that you have asked yourself all the relevant functional questions, you need to prioritize your needs to find the right balance between budget, usability, intuitiveness, and functionality. We recommend creating multiple categories and organizing all your needs by category, assigning simple importance items such as:

  • Essential
  • Very useful
  • Bonus

This way, you can assign a score to each need, weighted by its importance to you. This will make it easier for you to compare different ATS software options on your list.

What are my training needs?

Have your recruiters already used ATS software? Are they comfortable with computer tools in general? Do you need to train managers as well? Beetween’s recruitment ATS software offers various types of training: on-site, remotely, monthly beginner training accessible to all clients, video tutorials, and online user documentation.

What is my budget?

The more extensive your functional needs and customization requirements, the higher the configuration costs and the selected ATS software‘s overall cost. Define your ideal budget, as well as your maximum budget. This will help you quickly establish a shortlist during your search.

Within what timeframe do I need to implement the software?

Choosing a SaaS ATS software, such as Beetween, significantly reduces the delivery time as it requires no installation on workstations. However, another factor comes into play: customization of your accounts. The more extensive the customizations, the longer the configuration time. Take this into account when requesting customization.

3rd step

Objectively Compare ATS Solutions

To objectively compare different ATS software options, a recap document is invaluable! To assist you, we have prepared a ready-to-use comparison table.

Follow the guide and easily compare ATS software solutions to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Download the Comparison Tool Download the Comparison Tool
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