SME & ATS: The winning duo for effective recruitment!

Candidate shortage, lack of time… Your HR teams face numerous challenges to drive growth. Discover Beetween’s solutions to simplify your HR professional’s daily life!

An overview of recruitment management
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A challenge at every Level

As vital contributors to our economy and innovation potential, SME’s nowadays encounter complexities in their search for top talent! Recruitment tasks often fall on the shoulders of a team member or even the company’s leader, facing increased competition and limited recruitment resources, resulting in underqualified applications… The problems are manifold and highlight the need to reverse the situation.

  • Recruitment activity carried out by an employee or the manager themselves
  • Increased competition
  • Insufficient recruitment resources
  • Low-qualified applicants

That’s why it’s essential for your recruitment department to adopt a well-orchestrated and highly efficient strategy! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands – our ATS software can help you establish a truly effective recruitment strategy.

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For every problem, there’s a solution

Improve recruitment in SME

With limited resources and a lack of technical means, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to establish effective recruitment. Yet these companies account for over 60% of all jobs in France!

Increase agility and prioritize your candidates

Limited resources make it challenging to establish an effective recruitment process. With its numerous features, Beetween simplifies your SME recruitment. Gain agility through automating recurring tasks such as candidate screening and qualification, CV analysis using our matching and CV parsing functionalities, as well as the creation of reusable and customizable job offer templates. Additionally, our solution, tailored to SME’s, includes a sourcing module for LinkedIn, a centralized CV database, and the ability to create tags and pre-recruitment questionnaires to optimize the qualification of received applications. This drastically reduces recruitment time and enhances the candidate experience through streamlined processes. With Beetween, focus on the essentials: finding the right candidates for your SME in record time!

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Structure and save time by automating recurring tasks

Beetween ATS offers solutions such as automated email and personalized or group SMS communications, as well as digital document exchange, enabling quick and efficient communication with candidates and saving time in your recruitment processes. Our multidiffusion module allows you to publish job ads on over 180 partner job boards with just one click, increasing visibility and reaching a wide range of potential future collaborators. Not to mention our dedicated collaborative recruitment module, simplifying the involvement of multiple stakeholders in the selection process and improving decision-making.

Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc.

Take your employer branding to new heights

In the dynamic world of SME’s, candidate communication is a major challenge for attracting and enticing top talent. With an ATS like Beetween, you can streamline this communication, providing future talents with an enhanced candidate experience. An ATS simplifies candidate communication throughout the recruitment process, allowing for delivery confirmations, questionnaires, automated progress updates, interview requests, and more. Numerous levers are at your disposal to establish transparent and consistent communication with your candidates.

This serves a dual purpose: saving you time on a daily basis and infusing a human touch into your recruitment efforts through seamless communication.

Improve the candidate experience and candidate journey with Beetween
Forward an application Configure your recruitment processes to improve candidate conversion: recruitment stages, internal processes, manager collaboration, etc. Improve the candidate experience and candidate journey with Beetween


The essentials of recruitment in SMEs / ETIs

As an SME/ETI, your recruitment challenges are similar to those of large companies: talent wars, candidate shortages, etc. There is one key difference, and it’s significant: you face much tighter time constraints! Not to mention that your teams and resources are much smaller. That’s why it’s crucial for you to optimize your recruitment processes.

To do this, Beetween provides you with many features, including:

Managing recruitment as a team

Recruit collaboratively and involve managers in decision-making

Centralizing applications

Gather all applications in a unique, qualified and personalized CV database

Employer branding

Develop and highlight your employer brand with a custom career site

Multiposting job offers

Save time by publishing your job offers on over than 180 job boards

LinkedIn Sourcing

Find your talents on LinkedIn and integrate them into Beetween with a single click

Partner CV databases

Access our partners’ CV databases to find more qualified candidates

Qualifying candidate profiles automatically

Our parsing and matching tools automatically pre-fill your candidate profiles

Candidate experience

Personalize and enhance the candidate experience by tailoring the recruitment process to each desired position

Candidate communication

Email, phone, SMS, video, chatbot… communicate with your candidates on all communication supports

Accelerate your recruitment with Beetween

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