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We offer a comprehensive support process to optimize your recruitments and find the best talents. With our expertise and 360° approach, we will guide you through key steps to achieve your recruitment objectives.

At Beetween, customer support is our priority. An entire team is by your side to assist you throughout your Beetween experience. We provide technical and strategic support, ensuring you have the necessary resources to excel in your recruitment efforts. We organize workshops and training sessions for our clients to help you save time and improve your performance. An added benefit of Beetween is that we host a free “beginner’s” training session every first Thursday of the month to guide you and enhance your tool knowledge!


Needs analysis

Our team works closely with you to understand your recruitment needs. We evaluate your open positions, specific requirements, and selection criteria. This in-depth analysis allows us to define a tailored strategy that fits your company.


Recruitment Optimization

We help you optimize your recruitment process to make it more efficient and effective. With our expertise, you attract top talents and reduce the time required to fill your vacant positions.


Candidate Evaluation

Thanks to advances evaluation tools and expertise, we provide guidance and techniques for conducting effective interviews and assessing candidates’ skills and cultural fit.


Monitoring and Coaching

Our experts are at your disposal to provide valuable advice for maximizing your use of the Beetween software. We assess your needs and offer additional features that meet your specific requirements. 

User support

Comprehensive support 

At Beetween, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure the optimal use of our recruitment solution. Our team is here to provide responsive technical support, personalized functional advice, and training tailored to your needs.

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Reactive Technical Assistance

We believe that quality technical assistance is key to the success of your recruitments and the growth of your company. That’s why our support team, based in Rennes, is available to answer all your questions and quickly resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter. We are accessible by email and through our online chat system, ready to assist you and ensure a smooth user experience.

Training and customer support

Personalized Functional Advice

Our team of experts is here to guide you in the optimal use of our software. We provide personalized functional advice based on best practices in recruitment. Whether it’s optimizing your recruitment processes, configuring advanced features, or maximizing your efficiency, we are here to accompany you towards success.

Beetween, ATS recruitment software, is here to help you throughout your career

Tailored Training

To help you fully leverage the features of Beetween, we offer training tailored to your needs. Our monthly free training sessions will enable you to unleash the full potential of the software. We offer both online and on-site training sessions, depending on your preferences and constraints.

Beetween, ATS recruitment software, adapts its training to the role of each user: administrator, recruiter, manager.
Training and customer support Beetween, ATS recruitment software, is here to help you throughout your career Beetween, ATS recruitment software, adapts its training to the role of each user: administrator, recruiter, manager.

Data security

Securing your candidate data

Data plays a strategic role for every company, including ours! We place a strong emphasis on ensuring the security of the data you entrust to us, regardless of your subscription plan. We are dedicated to safeguarding the data you provide us, no matter which package you choose!

Audits and certifications


Strict control of server access

Protection against data loss

Data reversibility

Daily backup

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

GDPR compliance

Beetween and the GDPR Beetween and the GDPR


Focus on our training sessions

At Beetween, we offer several types of training sessions to help our users better understand and use our platform:

Video conference training

Lasting between 2 and 3 hours, with a maximum of 8 participants per group, the video conference training allows users to quickly get started with the platform. Through screen sharing, participants receive a comprehensive presentation of Beetween. The training is organized around use cases, allowing new users to better understand the tool’s functioning and structure. Participants can directly interact with the trainers and ask questions throughout the session.

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On-site training

Here, one of our experts comes to your premises to provide training to your HR teams. This is an in-person training session. To ensure optimal quality, we recommend limiting the number of participants to 10 people per session. The on-site training, more comprehensive, covers a complete tour of the tool, presenting its features and detailing every possible action in Beetween, such as writing a job offer, multi-diffusion, candidate management, etc. Practical exercises are included to allow users to get hands-on experience with our platform under the best conditions.

We also accommodate people with disabilities. For more information on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The quality certification was awarded to Beetween under the TRAINING ACTION category.

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