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Make the switch to digitalization and streamline your healthcare recruitment with Beetween’s ATS

Overview of your healthcare sector recruitment
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A sector under pressure

Recruitment needs in the healthcare sector are often urgent. To empower your human resources, Beetween supports healthcare institutions. In a highly competitive landscape, the goal is to help medical recruiters save time in publishing medical job ads, enhance the relevance of received applications, and refocus on their core mission: the human aspect. With Beetween, implement tools and best practices to enhance your healthcare recruitment procedures.

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Recruitment in the health sector

For every problem, there’s a solution

Improve your recruitment

Recruitment in the healthcare sector encompasses a wide range of activities, both medical and non-medical, and faces numerous challenges: lack of digitalization, limited attractiveness, siloed services, talent shortage, and more. Discover how Beetween can help you improve your healthcare recruitment process!

Automate low-value tasks

The lack of digitalization prolongs every step of the candidate processing, leading to detrimental consequences such as a poor candidate experience and weakened employer branding.

By automating low-value tasks like application reception, sorting, and acknowledgment, you gain precious time for your healthcare recruitment! With Beetween, you can easily create candidate profiles and even send automated questionnaires to pre-qualify candidates.

task automation

Optimize team-based recruitment at every stage

The validation process for recruitment requests is crucial in healthcare institutions. Involving multiple stakeholders, including HR, top management, and department heads, this step is vital to identify recruitment needs and desired profiles.
However, digitalization in the hospital sector is still lacking. Digitalizing these requests is essential to optimize the timeframes and quality of hiring healthcare personnel.

That’s why Beetween ATS provides a range of features allowing for improved team recruitment: feedback from managers, notifications, CV sharing, synchronization with other tools like in particular HRMS, calendars, and video conferencing, personalized and archived recruitment approval processes, and many more including services from our high specialized partners.

Team recruitment and collaborative recruitment

Multipost your job offers with just one click across multiple platforms

Many healthcare institutions still manually publish job offers in PDF format, significantly limiting their visibility as they can’t be indexed by search engines. Additionally, receiving applications via email instead of through an online form results in a significant loss of qualified candidates. With Beetween ATS, you can easily publish the same job offer on various partner job boards with a single click, including healthcare-specific platforms like FHF and StaffSanté. With our ATS software’s “multiposting” feature, your job offers will finally gain the visibility they deserve.

  • Over 180 partner job boards
  • 25 minutes saved per published job offer
Multicast your job offers in one click on numerous job boards and schools with Beetween

Invest in a strong employer brand to attract top talent

If your healthcare institution has an unclear or inconsistent employer brand for potential talents, it can significantly impact the number of applications received. This is where a customized career site comes into play: make it impactful and provide a unique application experience for your candidates! Incorporate employee testimonials, a “Message from the Manager” section, and photos of your hospital units. These efforts will be quickly rewarded!

A strong employer brand generates, on average, twice as many qualified applications.

  • 83% of job seekers research a company before applying
  • 81% of them make their decision based on the information they find
Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand
task automation Team recruitment and collaborative recruitment Multicast your job offers in one click on numerous job boards and schools with Beetween Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand


Recruitment essentials in the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector, recruitment suffers from a lack of digitalization and fierce competition. It is therefore essential to:

  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Recruit as a team
  • Boost the employer brand

To achieve this, Beetween offers a wide range of functionalities, including:

Recruitment requests

Create validation workflows to enable managers to define their operational needs and centralize all requests.

Collaborative hiring

Involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process and share candidate profiles, reviews and any other information in just a few clicks.

Tailor-made recruitment process

You hire a wide variety of profiles: adapt the candidate journey stages to the position to be filled!

Candidate questionnaires

Automatically qualify the candidate profile and facilitate the selection of profiles by manually or automatically sending questionnaires and/or tests to your talents.

Search & Matching

Find the best profiles in your CV database in the blink of an eye with advanced search and our matching solution.

Tailored career site

Nothing is more effective than a tailor-made career site to showcase your employer brand and stand out from the competition, all while enhancing the candidate experience.

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