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Discover how Beetween allows you to optimize your job posting multidiffusion with a simple and effective recruitment software!

Multicast your job offers in one click on numerous job boards and schools with Beetween

Simplify job posting

Publish your job offers in a single click

Manually posting your job openings on each job board, updating them, and manually removing them once the recruitment process is complete can be extremely time-consuming!

With Beetween, you can write your job posting (or use a template) and easily select the different job boards on which you want to publish it. Whether they are free or paid, general or specialized, school or university sites, career sites, social networks, with Beetween, you gain access to over 180 job boards.

Once your recruitment process is complete, simply close it, and all the job postings will be automatically removed.

Multiposting your job openings has never been easier!

Multicast with Beetween

25 min

saved per job posting on average


job boards at your disposal

Optimize your job posting

Save time with job offers’ templates

Writing a compelling job posting takes time, especially during a talent shortage context. Crafting the content, choosing the right keywords, and highlighting the key benefits have never been more critical.

No need to write a job posting from scratch when you frequently hire for the same position: Use job posting templates instead.
Easy to set up, simply click once to use them when publishing a job opening. You can simply modify the content while keeping the pre-saved template. This optimizes the quality of your job postings while saving you valuable time!

Check all job boards

Measure therelevance of job offers

Optimize your job posting reach effortlessly

All Beetween subscriptions include a range of management tools, especially for tracking candidate sources. This allows you to quickly identify the most effective job boards through comprehensive KPI’s on our solution.

Easily calculate the ROI of your sponsored job postings, compare it with the results from freely distributed job postings, monitor your recruitment timelines, and more.

Dart in a target

Improve job postings visibility

Boost the visibility of your job offers effortlessly with Google for Jobs

Many candidates rely on Google for their initial job search. The first results they see are from Google For Jobs. This Google tool acts as a job search engine. In other words, Google indexes job postings from multiple job boards and even job offers posted on your career site if it’s properly designed with all the required metadata.

With Beetween, you can benefit from improved search engine optimization: Google for Jobs prioritizes job postings that provide maximum key information, such as geographic location, contract type, salary, and more. As a recruiter, if you want your job postings to be visible and effective, it’s essential to structure your data and write your job postings according to the reference standards set by Google.

Visibility of jobs on Google for Jobs

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