How can CV processing be improved?

Optimise CV sorting with Skayl and Beetween

How do you manage the processing of CVs? Do you use an excel file to monitor recruitment? Sorting CVs is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the recruiter/HR profession. So how do you sort applications efficiently? How can you save time so that you can concentrate on the candidates? Thomas Schutz, Head of Recruitment at Skayl (formerly Offre RH), has agreed to tell us the secret to efficient, high-quality sorting of applications!

Skayl: presentation

Skayl is a recruitment agency within the Link Group, a powerful network of human resources and recruitment experts based mainly in Alsace. Skayl focuses on recruitment consultancy and human resources development. Skayl’s recruitment professionals support companies in :

  • Recruitment on permanent or fixed-term contracts
  • Collective recruitment
  • Temporary work
  • Assessment centres
  • Skills assessment and outplacement/replacement

Beetween digitises CV processing for better team recruitment

In order to provide companies with the best possible support, Skayl’s recruiters decided in 2018 to optimise the management of their CV database and their CV analysis processes.

Three years ago, we didn’t have any CV processing software. We operated “the old fashioned way”, with each recruitment officer managing his or her own files.

The number one objective was therefore to centralise applications in order to decompartmentalise CV management and encourage collaborative recruitment between each Skayl recruiter. So how do you sort CVs efficiently and collaboratively? After consultation, Skayl’s HR professionals decided to digitise their recruitment processes and the management of their CV pool, in particular by opting for recruitment software.

Several Skayl employees had already used CV sorting software in the course of their previous experiences. Knowing the potential of this type of tool, we launched a consultation to equip ourselves with the CV analysis and application management software best suited to our needs.

Automated CV management thanks to Beetween’s parsing capabilities

The selection criteria of Skayl’s recruiters were simple. The tool selected had to make the application process as easy as possible. To achieve this, it had to give priority to :

  • A fast, high-performance CV parsing function.
  • The ability to search directly in the CV library.

Objective 2 was to speed up the recruitment process. Sorting through CVs in a recruitment process is extremely time-consuming, as is multi-posting job offers on each job site. The recruitment software selected therefore also had to offer :

  • Full multiposting functionality.
  • Extremely easy to use.

Choosing Beetween to improve CV processing

Skayl’s recruiters chose Beetween. As our recruitment software is particularly adaptable and customisable, our teams were able to offer a recruitment solution tailored to sorting CVs efficiently and improving online CV analysis.

Beetween met all our technical criteria. It was also the platform that offered the best rates for efficient ergonomics. What’s more, the tool was recommended to us by our sales contact at the Meteojob platform.

How has Beetween improved the management of Skayl’s pool of team applications? In addition to parsing and multi-posting, which were essential, Skayl’s recruiters particularly liked several features:

  • Organisation of recruitment by stage, making it easier for Beetween users to track the history of applications.
  • The creation of a recruitment file by stage, from receipt of the application to the “hired” stage.
  • Notes in brief”, allowing each member of staff to indicate actions taken or to be taken.
  • The ability to forward CVs directly to customers, speeding up recruitment management between the two parties.
  • E-mails can be sent directly from Beetween to candidates, speeding up the process but also keeping a record of exchanges.

Our favourite feature is certainly the recruitment file. It’s very effective for monitoring recruitment. You know who’s left a message, which candidate you need to call, and so on. It’s a big plus for our day-to-day work!

Today, Skayl’s teams have significantly reduced the time taken to process CVs. But they have also saved time on other time-consuming recruitment tasks, such as multi-posting job offers. For example, publishing job advertisements on each recruitment site used to take each recruiter 20 to 30 minutes before Beetween was introduced. Today, this task is completed in just 5 minutes!

We’re very satisfied with Beetween. There are still areas for improvement, such as the management of automated tags from CV parsing, but overall the tool performs well and the relationship with the service provider is positive. Technical support is responsive, and once the tool had been correctly configured for our needs, there were very few contacts. Which means that everything is going well!

Thank you to Thomas Schutz for his testimonial, and to all Skayl’s HR professionals for their confidence 😊

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