Improving the candidate experience in a recruitment agency

Improving the candidate experience with software for recruitment agencies with Le Mercato de l'Emploi and Beetween

Jenny Gaultier is co-founder and managing director of Mercato de l’emploi. For nearly two years, this key player in the French employment market has been using our Beetween ATS software for recruitment agencies. Today, she shares their feedback with us.

The job market: in brief

Founded in 2016 by three partners, Mercato de l’Emploi is now the leading national network of independent recruitment consultants. This new-style recruitment agency’s applications are managed by its 10 in-house recruiters, who are supported by no fewer than 60 independent agents.

Mercato de l’Emploi’s ambition is to become a key player in the employment market thanks to an innovative concept: no physical agencies, but a presence on the ground throughout France thanks to independent recruitment agents. Each agent is attached to a strong network providing them with all the digital tools, processes and support they need to make their business a success. Thanks to a comprehensive digital platform, social networks and on-the-ground initiatives, the Mercato de l’Emploi distributes job opportunities presented by its network of Mercato agents throughout France. The Mercato also offers its corporate clients (whatever their size) and candidates (whatever their profile) an innovative, local and personalised recruitment process.

ATS software for recruiters: save time and focus on people

Restoring the human dimension to recruitment, and therefore to human resources, is a challenge that is as vast as it is essential.

Mercato’s aim is to (re)put people at the heart of the recruitment process thanks to its decentralised and competent network of independent consultants; while leveraging the strengths of digital, a strong positioning with companies in the French territories and an innovative HR methodology, based above all on valuing people’s soft skills.However, to put the candidate experience back at the heart of the recruitment process, headhunters and other HR professionals need time! Time in particular to :

  • meet the employer and gain a detailed understanding of their needs, constraints and challenges;
  • to meet the candidate and understand his or her background, sensitivities, skills and capacity for investment and development;
  • so that the sum of these two encounters creates a partnership, a commitment by two people in the same direction.

But between receiving CVs, responding to applicants, organising interviews and onboarding new employees, it can be difficult for recruiters to free up time! So to meet the challenge of “human recruitment”, Le Mercato de l’Emploi relies first and foremost on its agents, who are all experts in a particular professional sector and have the essential recruitment skills (listening, interpersonal skills, responsiveness, etc.) as well as software for recruitment agencies: Beetween.

We’re convinced that if you’re going to be in the recruitment business, you need high-performance, dedicated tools. The aim is to save time on time-consuming tasks while optimising the recruitment process at the same time. The result is to free up enough time to concentrate on the human element, i.e. understanding the candidate’s career plan and the needs of the recruiting company.

Choosing Beetween as recruitment software for recruiters

As with relations with candidates and clients, the quality of the human relationship with service providers is essential to the Mercato de l’Emploi.

After several searches for recruitment agency software, Mercato de l’Emploi chose Beetween for several very specific reasons.

First of all for the quality of the commercial relationship with the Beetween team (at the same level as ATS). For us, this is just as important as the tool’s functionality.

At Beetween, we firmly believe that the quality of the commercial relationship between a service provider and a company is essential. Like the candidate experience, it is above all a human relationship!

There’s a wide range of functions to suit the way we work.

Beetween is a customisable software package for recruitment agencies. Depending on your constraints and your internal organisation, we can adapt our ATS software to meet all your recruitment needs. In short, our aim is to provide you with a tailor-made tool!

The Beetween teams listen to our needs. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their tool. It may not be the most ergonomic, but its interface and the content provided by Beetween meet our needs.

As with all our clients, we have put in place a genuine process for implementing the tool alongside the Mercato de l’Emploi teams. The aim is to ensure that users get to grips with the tool quickly and efficiently, and that it is perfectly adapted to their needs.

Recruiting with ats software: the guarantee of successful recruitment

Our favourite features: automatic email templates, and the ability to create anonymous CVs with our own Mercato de l’Emploi logo!

In concrete terms, what benefits does our headhunter software offer recruiters at the Mercato de l’Emploi?

Firstly, we’ve saved a lot of time so that we can concentrate on the human element and the candidate-company meeting. We’re also seeing a smoother processing of applications and selection of the right candidates for companies.

Thanks to the multiple functionalities of our recruitment software for recruiters, Mercato de l’Emploi staff are supported at every stage of the recruitment agency’s recruitment process. From multi-posting job adverts to organising job interviews, Beetween is a real asset for headhunters.

Although our activity is specific, 80% of Beetween’s functionalities meet our needs perfectly. Thanks to this tool, we have seen a significant improvement in the success of recruitment for our network of Mercato de l’Emploi agents.

Beetween is certainly a multi-distribution software package, a CV library, an e-mailing and SMS sending tool… But it is also a real performance driver! With ATS software, you gain in efficiency, and save precious resources such as time and money.

The Beetween teams listen to our needs. They were the only ones to understand our development and propose a model adapted to our operations, through a competitive commercial proposal.

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