Recruitment in a hospital: feedback from the Nancy CHRU

Hospital recruitment with Beetween

Head of GPMC (Job and Competency Planning) in the Human Resources Department of the Nancy CHRU, Nicolas SAUFFROY agreed to give us his feedback following the implementation of the Beetweenhealthcare recruitment software to ensure the recruitment in his hospital.

The Nancy CHRU in a few words

As the largest employer in Meurthe-et-Moselle, the Nancy CHRU has nearly 9,000 employees. It is a major player in the national health system. According to the weekly magazine Le Point, the hospital was 8th in the list of the best hospitals in France in 2018. As with all health establishments, human resource requirements are significant, varied and constant throughout the year. The Nancy CHRU is recruiting for no less than 100 jobs in paramedical, administrative, technical, logistics, research and IT positions.

Recruitment in hospitals: interview with Nicolas Sauffroy, Head of GPMC at the Nancy University Hospital

Over the last 10 years, the French healthcare sector has embarked on a genuine process of digitization of resources and methods, particularly in the field of human resources. In this highly competitive job market, where certain positions suffer from a shortage of candidates, each hospital is thinking about optimizing CV management, distributing job offers more effectively and improving the candidate experience. As part of the gradual implementation of this dematerialisation of HR processes, the Nancy CHRU chose Beetween recruitment software to meet these various recruitment objectives.

After a few months of use, it is clear that the choice was the right one! In addition to the fact that it is quick and easy to install, the ATS software fits perfectly into our internal organization.

Beetween’s hospital recruitment software has a special feature: we can customise the interface and functions according to the needs of its users. This allows the tool to be easily adapted to the organisation of an HR department or an establishment such as the Nancy CHRU.

Beetween has two major advantages. The various options available to teams make it a complete and effective tool at every stage of a recruitment process. Secondly, in view of the time saved on each recruitment file, it is an undeniably effective tool in terms of recruitment in the CHRU.

How does it work? Overall, Beetween aims to optimise repetitive tasks to allow assistants and recruitment managers to refocus on their core business, while freeing them from time-consuming activities with no real added value. In the case of Nicolas Sauffroy’s teams, the time taken to process administrative correspondence has been considerably reduced, for example. Quick to set up, easy to use, Beetween has been adopted by everyone and in record time: the recruiters in the human resources department, as well as the management staff in charge of skills qualification, have adopted the tool without any difficulty.

As with any IT installation, it is essential to have a qualified and responsive team with the supplier. Beetween has this team; it has been able to respond to all of our specific needs, and is constantly thinking about how to make the solution evolve in order to facilitate its daily use.

Indeed, at Beetween we believe that if we can save you time so that you can focus on the candidates, then our support must reflect this ambition! Not only is our technical support responsive and easily accessible, but our teams of Customer Success Managers are HR experts before they are “salespeople”. What do you mean by that? This means that before proposing any medical recruitment solution, they will take into account your needs, your constraints, your organization and your team functioning in order to propose you the most adapted tool.

Today Beetween is a key partner of the Nancy University Hospital. The question is often asked: “But why wasn’t it installed before?

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