How to improve the candidate’s journey?

Improving the candidate path and the employer brand: testimony from ESDI Group

How do you look after your candidate’s background? Sometimes ignored, often underestimated, the quality of the recruitment process is an essential pillar of your employer brand. Whether you are a headhunter or a recruiter within a company, the recruitment process that you offer to talents is a real showcase of the employee experience that they will have once they are recruited. Manon Maufroy, Director of Human Resources at ESDI Group, agreed to give us the recipe for their candidatejourney. A recruitment strategy focused on human capital, supported by an ATS software: Beetween.

ESDI Group : presentation

Logo of the ESDI group, a service company specializing in the outsourcing of information systems and business processes.

A service company founded in 2000 in Belfort by Bernard BARSZNICA, the ESDI Group is a Services and Digital Company. His specialty is IT service management and customer relationship management. ESDI assists companies in their business process outsourcing projects, deployment and management of services and resources, all in a context of digital transformation. The group is a recognized specialist in the implementation of global support solutions in the retail, service and industrial sectors. Its expertise in knowledge management and resource training is available to clients throughout France.

The candidate path at ESDI: developing talent and employees

ESDI Group recruits between 200 and 500 people on average per year, mainly via job boards such as Indeed, Meteojob or RegionsJob. Within the HR team, the strategy is first and foremost to manage human capital: to maintain commitment, to make sure that talents are in the right place, to make them grow, to ensure optimal working conditions and to encourage the development of each individual.

Every newcomer must have the best possible employee experience.

In order to offer an engaging and efficient candidate pathway, we felt it was necessary to equip ourselves with ATS software to support recruiters and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

The choice of an ATS software for a better management of applications

Manon Maufroy and her teams have therefore chosen Beetween recruitment management software to optimise the stages of their candidate process.

Beetween caught our attention because it is ergonomic, easy to use and intuitive. The connection with job boards and the user interface are qualitative. It is delivered on a turnkey basis, with a customized deployment including training and responsive support. In addition, the sales team is always ready to listen. We feel that everything is said in transparency, with the sole objective of providing the best quality of service to our recruitment team!

But how has online recruitment software helped to optimize ESDI Group’s recruitment processes? If the preferred functionalities of ESDI’s HR teams are the multicasting and tracking of advertisements, it is above all the CV library and the communication tools with candidates that have enabled ESDI’s recruiters to optimise the stages of the recruitment process. The former offers the possibility of centralizing and sorting applications more easily. The communication tools with the candidates make it possible to inform the profiles of the evolution of their applications.

The advantages of Beetween: smooth recruitment processes and a positive candidate experience

We have therefore seen “how” the Beetween recruitment ATS has enabled Manon Maufroy’s teams to improve the candidate path, thanks in particular to the adapted functionalities. Let’s now look at the impact of such a recruitment tool on the organization and performance of the ESDI Group HR teams. The answer lies in a few simple but obvious words: saving time! Saving time for recruiters, saving time for HR reporting, saving time for candidates who benefit from a a smoother, shorter and more efficient candidate path and recruitment process!

We have professionalized our recruitment and considerably improved the candidate process. Optimizing recruitment time has also allowed us to devote time to employer branding, so it’s a double win!

Beetween is a proven tool that works very well. He has been able to adapt to the changing working methods of our recruiters!

Thank you to Manon Maufroy and her team for this testimony, and for their trust!

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