Beetween and Nes & Cité: the recipe for HR sourcing

How to optimize HR sourcing?

Before you hire a new employee, perhaps you consult your talent pool? Are you searching for relevant candidates on job boards or social networks? This is called HR sourcing. Benjamin Michel, recruiter at Nes & Cité, talks about his HR sourcing methods with the Beetween recruitment software.

Nes &Cité : presentation of the company

Nes & Cité is a consultancy, employment mediation and training firm, which aims to bring two worlds together: priority neighbourhoods and companies. In concrete terms, the company matches companies with potential candidates from the neighbourhoods. To achieve this, the firm’s mediators seek out, train and accompany talents as well as companies. In order to improve their sourcing and optimize their recruitment performance, the Nes & Cité teams decided to acquire the Beetween sourcing software. To summarize in a few figures, Nes & Cité totals :

  • 6,000 people who found a job
  • More than 20,000 people mobilized for the events
  • About sixty partner companies

HR sourcing according to Nes & Cité: directly on the ground!

We operate on a simple principle: go to the people, go to meet the talents and the companies.

For nearly 20 years, Nes & Cité has been working on mediation for communities and organizing major employment events in parallel. These events, the Jobs & Cité stadiums, consist of job dating on a very large scale. Organized once a year at the Gerland Stadium in Lyon, about twenty companies and thousands of candidates meet there.

What is job mediation?

This consists of seeking positions through partner companies and, at the same time, sourcing candidates directly in the neighbourhoods.

The Nes & Cité mediators are present in neighbourhood associations/town halls, shopkeepers, sports clubs and even in the halls of buildings.

At Nes & Cité, we believe that the solution to the problems of the neighbourhoods is employment!

The impact of Beetween on the sourcing of qualified candidates at Nes & Cité

Before the integration of Beetween into Nes & Cité’s recruitment sourcing processes, the mediators manually recorded the telephone numbers or e-mail addresses at the meeting place, and then made appointments with all the people they met, one by one.

The integration of the Beetweensourcing tool was accompanied by the equipping of the mediators with digital tablets. They now create their candidate files directly on site. They can then contact all the candidates by e-mail or SMS in one click in order to set up an interview date to accompany them in their job search. Candidates can send their CV to a specific e-mail address and, thanks to the duplicate merge, the CV is automatically integrated into the previously created file.

This saves Nes & Cité’s teams a lot of time in their search for candidates. With Beetween, teams can reach more people. The time saved on HR sourcing can be reinvested in supporting job seekers and companies.

The objective was to equip our field teams with a tool that would allow them to simplify, centralize and then process applications much more easily after the sourcing stages of recruitment. It’s done!

After HR sourcing, talent support

Nes & Cité does not simply find candidates and create partnerships with companies. The role of the mediators is above all to provide support for employment.

  • On the candidate side, in their assessment centre (Nes & Cité candidate assessment centre), mediators offer help in creating CVs, and coaching sessions on interview postures and company codes and cultures are offered to applicants.
  • On the company side, they are offered training in the codes and cultures encountered in the neighbourhoods, in order to bring the two worlds closer together and facilitate the integration of these new employees into the company.

Recruitment matching between candidates and companies

After the HR sourcing, a matching process takes place: the needs of the companies are summarized in recruitment files and the candidates are placed according to their personality and skills. For the 800 CVs already registered on the platform, Boolean searches by key words on Beetween allow mediators to classify by sector of activity, and thus select the CVs corresponding to the demands of new employers.

Beetween has enabled us to process our candidate database much more efficiently and, above all, to centralise it. This saves us from having tons of binders to go through!

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