Beetween strengthens its national network with the acquisition of Activitae Emploi, the publisher of the HR Profiler software

Online on Wednesday 24, January 2024

Updated on Wednesday 24 January 2024

Camille Bataille, Content manager chez Beetween

By Camille Bataille, Content Manager

Press Release

HR software publisher Beetween continues its external growth strategy initiated two years ago with the acquisition of a new direct competitor in the ATS market, Activitae Emploi, the publisher of HR software Profiler. By combining their strengths in the recruitment software sector, Beetween solidifies its position as a leader in the French market.

With Activitae Emploi, Beetween expands its presence to the southwest

After the acquisition of Marseille-based Talents’In two years ago, Beetween extends its French metropolitan network to the southwest with the acquisition of a historic player in the ATS market, the Toulouse-based company Activitae Emploi, the publisher of HR software Profiler. This opportunity allows Beetween to benefit from 25 years of rich experience and a dual expertise at the intersection of talent management and the web. With offices in Rennes, Marseille, Paris, and now Toulouse, Beetween is expanding its geographical coverage in France. The company now relies on nearly 80 employees and broadens its portfolio to over 750 clients in France and internationally.

For 2024, Beetween aims to expand internationally

The recent democratization of SaaS recruitment software has led more and more companies of all sizes to equip themselves accordingly, making these solutions a thriving sector where Beetween has positioned itself. As a key player in HR Tech, Beetween consolidates the growing French ATS market. With this new acquisition of Activitae Emploi, Beetween aligns with its current objectives and showcases its future ambitions. The HR software publisher aspires to climb the ranks step by step to become the European leader in digital recruitment solutions by continuing its strategy of external growth and development in France and internationally. To achieve this, Beetween aims to reach a hundred employees by the end of the year and to invest in new foreign markets through the study of potential complementary acquisition actions.

Christophe Dacre-Wright, co-founder of Beetween, comments on this recent acquisition in Toulouse:

This recent acquisition illustrates our strong commitment to playing a significant role in the consolidation of the recruitment software market. It also reflects our desire to expand our geographical footprint, thereby strengthening our proximity to our clients. Together, we will be stronger in offering recruiters an enhanced experience, with the development of major innovations in the coming months and years.

About Beetween

From posting a job opening to hiring a new collaborator, Beetween provides a range of features that enable recruiters to manage the entire recruitment process from a single, user-friendly interface. Beetween’s adaptability, both in terms of software and project management, allows each company to recruit more efficiently while retaining its own methods and specificities. Beetween currently has around 80 employees spread across Paris, Rennes, Marseille, and Toulouse, and is utilized by over 750 companies or public organizations.

Camille Bataille, Content manager chez Beetween

By Camille Bataille, Content Manager

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