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Overview of your Hotel & Restaurant sector recruitment
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A sector under strong tension

Human capital is one of the main challenges for the hospitality and restaurant industry. Without a sufficient workforce, establishments cannot function properly. In France per example, tourism represents nearly 10% of the GDP and attracts an exceptional number of candidates.

Recruitment in the hospitality and restaurant industry is becoming increasingly difficult. It is one of the most competitive sectors in the job market.

  • Low attractiveness
  • Unequal compensation
  • Irregular working hours
  • Huge turnover (70% on average)
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For every solution, there’s a solution

Improve your recruitment

Between mass recruitment, seasonality, turnover, and time constraints, the recruitment process in the hospitality and restaurant industry can sometimes feel like a marathon! However, not all organizations, regardless of their size, have the resources to optimize their recruitment efforts. This is where digital solutions come in. Discover Beetween’s solutions for quick and efficient recruitment.

Retain your candidates with streamlined talent pool management

All HR professionals in the HCR (Hotels, Cafés, Restaurants) sector should create online talent pools. The goal is to identify and have readily available contacts who can work regularly, occasionally, or during peak periods. This responsiveness is made possible through the digitalization of your candidate pools in Beetween, utilizing our artificial intelligence and communication tools. These talent pools can be easily accessed with customizable or automatically pre-filled tags. This allows you to quickly identify who is available, their working hours, the positions they can fill, and their locations.

Feed your talent pools

Structure and automate your recruitment processes

With Beetween, optimize your recruitment organization and minimize information and talent loss. Centralize and automatically sort applications, and most importantly, automate your time-consuming tasks such as receiving candidate emails and filtering and tagging them. Through a single interface for candidates and companies, talented individuals can easily apply for positions in hotels or restaurants, including submitting their CVs, video interviews, and availability, all managed remotely. You can mass-select candidates who meet the criteria and send them SMS or email notifications with job offers. This greatly enhances agility in your recruitment process. By digitizing your processes, you provide talents with a faster, smoother, and more transparent journey – all essential elements for successful recruitment in the hospitality and restaurant industry today.

task automation

Empower your managers with autonomy

Being a director of hotels or a restaurateur means living at a fast pace, especially during high seasons. Directors often find themselves juggling intense business activities and recruitment, which can be quite challenging. This inevitably affects the results of their establishments – unless they are supported and equipped! With recruitment software like Beetween, provide on-site managers with an ergonomic, user-friendly tool that caters to their specific needs. By reducing the time managers usually allocate to candidates, you accelerate your recruitment process.

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The essentials of recruitment in Hospitality and Catering

In the Hospitality and Catering sector, recruitment involves many stakeholders, which tends to lengthen recruitment times. To improve the candidate journey, it is essential to:

  • Facilitate exchanges between managers and candidates
  • Precisely track ongoing recruitments
  • Shorten recruitment times

To do this, Beetween provides you with many features, including:

Customizable recruitment processes

Customize the candidate journey & recruitment process

Collaborative recruitment modules

Recruit as a team and involve managers in the decision-making

Rated reviews

Gather team’s rated reviews for better candidate selection

Real-time notifications

Notify all stakeholders when they need to take action

Task tracking

Assign tasks and track progress

Centralized applications

Gather all applications in a unique, qualified and personalized CV database

Mass CV import

Import your external CV databases on a massive scale so you don’t miss out on any talent

Custom career site

Build your employer brand with a custom career site

Multi-distribution of job offers

Save time by publishing your job offers on over 180 job boards

Talent pool management

Build, manage and nurture your talent pools

Recruitment validation procedures

Multi brand management

Organize your recruitments for different brands or sites

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