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Overview of your facility management sector recruitment
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A sector facing a high turnover

The facility management sector faces increasing demands from clients. However, a significant lack of qualified workforce is one of the main causes of service quality decline. When specialized personnel leaves for competitors, it results in a substantial loss. Often, employees leave due to the arduous nature of the work combined with particularly low wages. The cleaning sector, for example, is highly competitive and struggles to recruit qualified and reliable staff. Frequent absences make it difficult to find temporary replacements in urgent situations. The good news? With Beetween ATS, you can gain agility, revolutionize your work processes, and make your everyday operations easier!

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For every problem, there’s a solution

Facility Management: capitalize on your talents, they are your greatest strength

Bringing together over 30 professions and 150 specialties, facility management is a crucial component of operational and strategic management for businesses. Operating in a highly competitive market, the key challenge in this sector is to attract and retain reliable and highly skilled employees. This is essential to offer demanding clients a comprehensive, diversified, and high-quality service.

Increase agility in Facility Management recruitment

Recruiting competent talents remains a challenge in facility management, as the sector suffers from a significant shortage of qualified workforce. By choosing to use a specialized ATS software like Beetween, you simplify and optimize the recruitment process at every stage. Our software allows you to distribute job offers across numerous interconnected job boards (over 180 job boards and counting!), sort applications, and facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, including the HR team and managers. With dedicated modules such as candidate forwarding, star-based rating system, and recruitment notifications, Beetween provides features specifically tailored to the multi-service activities sector. The ATS also streamlines the identification and selection of the best candidates in the cleaning industry, helping you build talent pools to reduce recruitment timelines.

Recruiting in the facility management sector with Beetween

Automate low-value tasks and focus on your candidates

If you’re recruiting in facility management and multi-service activities, an ATS software like Beetween simplifies the recruitment process by automating time-consuming tasks such as job posting across various channels, application management, and candidate communication. The ATS also enables the implementation of customized workflows for effective collaboration between different stakeholders, including HR managers and operational managers. Additionally, the ATS centralizes applications, filters profiles based on specific criteria in the facility management and multi-service activities sector, and seamlessly tracks the recruitment process steps. By automating tasks such as sending confirmation emails to candidates, scheduling interviews, and tracking recruitment stages, the ATS saves time, improves candidate communication, and ensures a positive recruitment experience throughout the process. This is especially important in today’s recruiting landscape, where delivering a positive candidate experience is at the forefront of discussions.

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Optimize your processes, reduce costs, and turnover

Cost pressure in facility management often leads to high turnover rates (nearly 30%). Companies in facility management face significant recruitment and talent retention challenges. By using a suitable ATS software, you enhance the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of your recruitment process while reducing personnel management costs. This enables your facility solutions company to attract the best multi-service agents despite salary challenges and demanding working conditions, ensuring improved performance in the facility management field. Furthermore, the ATS can provide advanced features such as generating reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to facility management. This helps optimize human resource allocation, predict future needs, and ensure effective team management.

cost reduction

Boost your employer brand

Creating a customized career site is a powerful tool for showcasing and promoting your employer brand. It’s an ideal platform to highlight your values and what sets you apart from competitors. For example, if you provide employee training, let it be known on your career site! Furthermore, a career site enhances the visibility and recognizability of your job offers while significantly facilitating spontaneous applications.

  • A strong employer brand increases highly qualified applications by 50%.
  • 83% of job seekers research a company before applying.
  • 81% of job seekers make their choice based on the information they find.
Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand
Recruiting in the facility management sector with Beetween task automation cost reduction Build your bespoke careers site with Beetween, improve the candidate experience and career path and boost your employer brand


Essentials recruitment in the Facility Management industry

In the Facility Management sector, recruitment mainly suffers from its very high turnover and lack of attractiveness. It is therefore essential to:

  • Enhance your employer brand.
  • Control your recruitment costs.
  • Gain agility in your recruitments.

To do this, Beetween offers you many features, including:

Multi-posting job offers

Publish simultaneously your job offers on over 180 job boards, general and specialized, and on school networks.

Smart CV database

Customize your CV database by creating custom fields that match your the specific aspects of your sector.

Advanced searches

Thanks to custom fields, filter your searches based on your own criteria.

Customized statistics

Rely on customized statistics to define your recruiment strategy with clear dashboards.

Applications pre-qualification

Parsing, custom fields, matching, questionnaires and assessments… All information provided by the candidate are gathered automatically, so that you can easily highlight the most relevant applicants.

Custom career site

Boost your employer brand visibility and stand out from competitors with a custom career site.

Employee referral

Promote the enrichment of your talent pools through the implementation of a referral strategy.

Motivation video

Transform the traditional cover letter into a video cover letter and discover your candidates’ soft skills right from the application.

Clarity in the recruitment processes

Enhance the candidate experience by implementing simple, clear, and transparent recruitment processes.

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