Recruiting in audit and accounting

The field of auditing and chartered accountancy suffers from a lack of attractiveness and is even more affected by the talent shortage than other business sectors. Fortunately, there are ways of reversing this trend.

Overview of your audit & accounting sector recruitment
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Growing demand and specialised skills

In the audit and accountancy sector, recruitment is a major challenge. With ever-increasing demand and ever-more specialised skills required, companies are struggling to find suitable candidates. High turnover rates add to the complexity of the situation. The good news: ATS software simplifies the process by centralising applications, automating candidate selection, and facilitating collaboration between recruitment teams, helping companies to find scarce talent more efficiently and reduce recruitment costs.

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A solution for every problem

Improving recruitment in audit and accountancy

Audit and accountancy recruitment faces a number of challenges: stringent qualifications, complexity of roles and assessment of technical skills, the need to improve operational efficiency through collaborative recruitment.

Find qualified candidates in a flash

The first challenge when recruiting in the audit and accountancy sector is to find candidates who meet the requirements of strict qualifications, in particular accounting diplomas and specific certifications. DCG (Diplôme de Comptabilité et de Gestion), DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion) and DEC (Diplôme d’Expertise Comptable) are all essential qualifications that candidates must have if they want to join your company. What’s more, competition for the best talent is fierce. ATS software can help by quickly identifying candidates who meet these requirements thanks to precise filtering criteria, saving time and enabling you to target the best-qualified candidates.


Get the key information you need for job vacancies

Accounting jobs can be very complex, and assessing the technical skills specific to the audit sector is often difficult at interview. ATS software can help you by offering practical tests or in-depth assessments to evaluate candidates’ technical skills. With Beetween, for example, you can ask your candidates the essential questions when they apply. Then sort the candidates according to your mandatory criteria: mobility, working hours, mandatory certifications and diplomas.


Recruiting as a team

Are your recruitment managers overloaded? Give them a centralised, intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Scheduling interviews, making appointments, communicating with candidates… it’s all in one place! With Beetween, you can make collaborative recruitment easier, thanks to a range of specific features: manager reviews, notifications, CV sharing, messaging, to-do lists, star rating of profiles, etc.

What’s more? Become a Beetween customer and benefit from training starting every first Thursday of the month to help your teams get to grips with the tool and welcome new recruits.

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The essentials of recruitment in auditing and accounting

In the audit and accountancy sector, recruitment is suffering from ever-increasing demand for the ever more specialised skills required. It is therefore essential to :

  • Use advanced search tools to find the best profiles in your CV library
  • Automate time-consuming tasks (multicasting, sorting applications, etc.)
  • Have access to a powerful, easy-to-understand reporting module

To achieve this, Beetween provides you with a wide range of functions, including :

Digitised recruitment authorisation requests (DAR)

Set up one or more recruitment application validation procedures

Collaborative recruitment modules

Notes, exchange history, sharing of recruitment or candidate files, tasks, manager advice… Beetween’s collaborative features are numerous!

Tailor-made recruitment process

Tailor the stages of the recruitment process to the position to be filled and improve the candidate experience

Automated email and text messaging

Keep in touch with candidates and streamline your communications with automated emails and text messages

Advanced search and matching

Find the best candidates in your CV library in the blink of an eye thanks to advanced search and matching.

Customised statistics

Easily manage your recruitment activity and define your recruitment strategy based on clear, personalised and effective reports

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