Optimizing recruitment in the Logistics and Transport sector

Between the need to save time and the obligation to qualify applications with specific technical references, recruiting the right profiles in transport and/or logistics is a constant search for balance.

They chose Beetween

With approximately 2 million jobs in France, the logistics and transport sector attracts a significant number of applicants each year. As a constantly evolving sector, the increasing complexity of transport and logistics activities requires ever more advanced technical and behavioral skills. Not to mention that the sector suffers from a lack of attractiveness. So finding (and keeping!) your candidates is not always easy.

Difficulties in targeting candidates

Get the key information you need for your job openings

With its staggered working hours, temporary assignment contracts and the need for specific skills, recruiting in the logistics and transport sector can sometimes be a real obstacle course. Either you receive few or no applications, or you are overwhelmed by off-target applications. With the ATS Beetween software, ask your candidates the essential questions at the time of application, then sort the candidates according to your mandatory criteria: license, mobility, working hours, FIMO (Minimum Initial Training Obligatory) etc.
Logiciel Recrutement Logistique et Transport - Beetween
Logiciel Recrutement Logistique et Transport - Beetween

Lack of visibility of offers

Multiposting your offers in 1 click on many platforms

Putting your job offers online manually in pdf format prevents search engines from indexing your ads. However, in order to be able to fill your penurious offers, it is imperative that they benefit from an excellent visibility. Our software is interconnected with a number of job boards, both specialized in the transport and logistics sector and generalist ones, including schools and training centers.

This is a good opportunity to create strong partnerships with the latter, and to compensate for possible shortages in certain particularly specific positions.

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An unsuitable candidate path

Gain efficiency, speed and comfort in your recruitment process

Are your recruitment times too long and are these difficulties putting pressure on your transport and logistics activities?
Go paperless with your recruitment! Implement fast and transparent recruitment processes. The Beetween CV library, for example, automatically adds all the applications received and the profiles sourced. As a result, you save time in processing applications with the help of automated application emails, and you can do automatic searches with tags.

Finally, you are able to animate your pool in the simplest way possible: sending SMS messages to check the availability of your candidates, company newsletters to retain them, etc.

Logiciel Recrutement Logistique et Transport - Beetween
Logiciel Recrutement Logistique et Transport - Beetween

A poorly identified employer brand

Develop your employer brand with a website career at your image

The creation of a customized career site is a particularly powerful tool to work on and promote your employer brand.
It is the ideal channel to put forward your values, what makes you different from your competitors. For example: do you train your employees? Let us know on your career site!

In addition, through this brand showcase, your offers gain visibility, are more identifiable, and spontaneous applications are greatly facilitated.

The essential features for you

Automate time-consuming tasks

Attract and qualify more qualified profiles

Boost your employer brand

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