UGC cinemas: 50 recruitments per year, 1000 applications per ad and a single recruitment software

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How does the UGC Group facilitate the management of applications for its 49 cinemas with Beetween?

To meet the needs of the UGC Group in terms of recruitment, Marion Decaen uses the ATS Beetween software. Application management, contact with candidates, user licenses… The HR Development Manager agreed to tell us how the second largest French cinema group manages its recruitment. Find out how Beetween helps optimise recruitment in large companies.

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UGC Cinemas in a few words

The UGC Group is a key player in the European cinema industry. The numbers speak for themselves. France’s second largest film exhibition group has no fewer than:

  • 49 cinemas
  • 493 rooms
  • 600 films programmed each year
  • 34 million viewers

For French moviegoers, UGC cinemas are a must. Concentrated in the largest cities such as Paris, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse, they cover more than 30% of the French population, which represents no less than 45% of the audience and 15% of the market share! The UGC Group also boasts an image as a “top-of-the-range” cinema chain in Europe, thanks in particular to a broad and diversified film programme that combines popular films, art house films, original versions and operas.

Why did UGC choose to recruit with ATS software?

To ensure optimal and sustainable operations, the UGC Group employs more than 2,000 people. Nevertheless, recruitment in a large company like UGC Group faces specific needs in human resources throughout the year. More thana hundred positions are filled each year: maintenance agents, receptionists, support functions, etc.

The problem? The 49 UGC cinemas all have particular recruitment needs, specific to their region, their operation or their attendance. For example, cinemas in the Paris region obviously do not have the same needs or constraints as cinemas in Caen, Bordeaux or Nantes. In addition, each advertisement receives an average of more than 1000 applications! Processing these applications is extremely time-consuming for the UGC Group’s HR teams.

In 2018, the UGC Group was thus looking for an application management tool that would allow HR teams to centralize and optimize recruitment processes, while providing each cinema with the necessary autonomy in managing applications. This is where Beetween’s enterprise recruitment software comes in!

The solutions provided by Beetween online recruitment software

What solutions have we provided in response to the UGC Group’s recruitment problems? In addition to the multi-posting of job offers, the management of a CV library and the generation of employment contracts, Beetween offers functions dedicated to the management of recruitment for large companies. Moreover, our HR ATS is completely customizable according to the needs and constraints of recruiters. It is this ability to adapt that has allowed us to design custom solutions for the UGC Group.

Creation of custom tags for cinemas

In order to respond to the problem of multi-site recruitment management specific to the UGC Group, we have developed tags with our recruitment tool that allow the 43 software user licenses to sort applications according to certain pre-defined criteria: by region, by cinema, by position, etc. For example, when the person in charge of recruitment at the Caen cinema wants to search for profiles in the CV library or process the latest applications received, he can filter his search to select only those applications that concern his region or cinema. In this way, each cinema can ensure a personalized resume management.

Tags are the great added value of Beetween. This feature allows cinemas to manage their own recruitment, while allowing the central office to intervene to help them process the many applications received.

Implementation of an XML flow allowing to create events from the ATS software

The UGC Group’s recruitment teams regularly organize jobdatings to meet candidates and quickly find the best profiles. To do this, HR development officers like Marion Decaen create an event on a dedicated In order to facilitate the creation and relaying of these events directly on the UGC website and to avoid the multiplication of tasks (multi-posting of ads on job boards such as theAPEC or Indeed, our technical teams have set up a XML feed allowing UGC HR teams to create and broadcast these events on the site directly from the Beetween recruitment software.

Sending SMS to candidates

The organization of jobdatings implies another recruitment issue for the UGC Group: how to prevent and communicate with those registered for these events in a global way? With a large number of participants, it was necessary to find a solution that would automate communications with candidates, saving time for HR teams. To overcome this difficulty, Beetween offers the possibility of sending recruitment SMS messages to registered candidates, to warn them of the times of an event for example, or to inform them of the status of their application.

Collaboration with the Beetween teams, recruitment software for large companies

In order to set up these customised functionalities, the support teams and CSM Beetween had extensive discussions with the HR teams of the UGC Group. More than an HR recruitment software, we wanted to offer UGC Cinemas an adapted recruitment tool.

Beetween allows us to facilitate the processing of applications, which was very time-consuming before. Overall, the tool is easy to use, very intuitive and flexible, and saves us a lot of time!

For almost 2 years, the UGC Group’s HR teams have been supported by their Key Account Manager Caroline, who manages requests and answers any questions Marion Decaen and her colleagues may have.

We have good feedback with Caroline, who is responsive and efficient.

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