Recruitment statistics

Analyze your recruitment performance

In the age of Big Data and task automation, performance analysis has never been more important. Recruitment statistics are no exception to the rule! Today, more and more powerful HR reporting tools make it easier for companies to manage their HR.

Analysis of recruitment statistics

Plot the candidates

Determine the most responsive job boards thanks to the traceability of candidates.

Let us suggest you the web sites where to broadcast

Beetween suggests the job boards where you are likely to find the most candidates

Customize your interface

For better visibility of your results, choose the display mode of your HR dashboard, the types of graphs used and the statistical content.

Track your results at a glance

Benefit from global activity reports and reports dedicated to recruitment and advertising.

Reporting. HR indicators.

Manage your recruitment with Beetween's reporting tools

With HR metrics, you can, for example, determine how to better target relevant talent or choose the right job boards. By reporting with a recruitment software, you save precious time and optimize the management of your human resources and budget.

Why choose Beetween to track your recruitment statistics?

What are the reporting tools to monitor your recruitment performance? What are the HR performance indicators to monitor in order to manage your recruitment strategy? Beetween answers all these questions. By using our applicant tracking software to manage your recruitments, you securely centralize the data collected within our reporting tool.

We are able to extract recruitment metrics such as resume sources and flows from this data, which we implement into your HR dashboard to help you track your performance.

ATS. Recruitment statistics.

Create your HR dashboard

The HR dashboard gives you an overview of your recruitment statistics, based on a defined period. You have the possibility to filter the data of your whole company, your colleagues, or only those of your user license. To facilitate your HR reporting process, you can customize your statistics on our ATS recruitment software.

The Beetween advantage:

If the indicators you want to use are not available with your user license, you can contact our technical support so they add them to your dashboard.

Illustration functionality Recruitment statistics
Statistics dashboard

Examine candidate behaviors with your recruitment statistics

Indeed, Pôle Emploi, LinkedIn, unsolicited application… Do you know how your candidates applied to your company? By analysing the sources and flows of CVs with our recruitment software, you can determine on which job boards, social networks or other recruitment sites qualified talent is present. This will ensure that your job offers are posted in the right place at the right time! In addition, the statistics of our HR recruitment software also include the results of the candidate questionnaires, as tags. This allows you to qualify and quantify this candidate data.

Analyze activity and hiring statistics

Did you know that a recruitment process that takes too long can discourage many candidates from pursuing a recruitment? Your recruitment reporting on Beetween allows you to study the average time between each stage of the candidate process, from the receipt of an application to the generation of the employment contract. This gives you a precise vision of the steps to optimize by category: recruiter, recruitment file, etc. Thus, your HR recruitment reporting with Beetween allows you to optimize thecandidate experience.

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