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Publish your job offers in a few clicks

At a time when profiles are increasingly rare in certain sectors, the best way is to be present where the candidates are!

The multi-posting of job offers on different job boards is therefore essential to the success of a recruitment. Posting a job offer manually on each job board is however an extremely time-consuming activity. Moreover, once the recruitment is over, you will have to unpublish all these ads one by one.

Multicastyour offers in one click

In one click, publish a job offer on several job boards simultaneously.
Use customizable templates to save even more time.

Centralize all your actions

All your recruitment ad management (writing, publishing, unpublishing, receiving applications and confirming receipt) are centralised in the same recruitment tool.

Benefit from negotiated rates

Publishing your jobs with Beetween ensures full compatibility with Google For Jobs, as well as all other job aggregators, to optimize the visibility of your ads.

Save time with suggestions

Do you often post on the same recruitment sites? Beetween pre-selects them for you as favourites and puts forward suggestions from job boards for your ad!

Fast. Efficient.

Post your jobs effortlessly!

Our job posting software allows you to manage the posting of your job offer on several sites simultaneously, whether on job boards, social networks or your career site.

Why choose Beetween as your multicast software?

Beetween goes beyond the simple posting of job offers. Each candidate is different, and requires special attention to ensure effective recruitment. Beetween thus offers job posting functionalities adapted to the aspirations and problems of your candidates.

How do you do it? Thanks to the precise reporting operated by our tool, as soon as you trigger the multicasting of a job offer via our multiposting software. For example, an indicator tells you if your ad has been posted and generates a URL link that allows you to view the offer.

With its strong expertise in the multi-posting of job offers, Beetween advises you so that you can publish your offers on the best job boards, according to your sectors of activity. In addition, Beetween helps you write your job offers so that they are optimized in terms of keywords, which improves their natural referencing and therefore their visibility.

Post in one click.

Multi-posting of job offers on more than 150 recruitment sites

With more than 150 interconnected job boards, Beetween remains the leader in French multicasting tools.

Our job posting software allows you to publish your recruitment ads on specialized sites: free or paid job boards, generalist or by sector of activity (medical, automotive, industry…), or partner schools and universities. What to find your happiness!

Register on Beetween and discover the list of partner job boards for a one-click distribution on a multitude of sites!

The advantages of multiposting with Beetween :

  • Save time: by multi-writing your job ads with our tool and using our integrated multi-posting software, you save 25 minutes per job ad! Our software also allows you to instantly remove your job offer from all job boards used when your position is filled.
  • Cost optimization: The performance of your ads on the various job boards selected allows you to extract precise statistics on the profitability of the recruitment sites chosen. Optimize your budgets by focusing on the best job boards to publish your ads!
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Google for jobs compliant

Many candidates go through a google search for their first investigations. The first visible results are from Google For Jobs. This Google tool is a meta job search engine. In other words, Google indexes the ads posted on another job board such as Météojob, RegionsJob, … the job offers published on your career site too if you have designed it in the right way with all the required metadata.

With Beetween, benefit from better referencing on search engines: Google for Jobs prioritizes ads that include as much key information as possible: geographic location, type of contract, compensation, etc. As a recruiter, if you want your job ads to be visible and effective, you must structure your data and write your ads according to the reference standards imposed by Google.

Using Beetween’s multicasting software, you can be sure that you will be visible on the platforms most frequently used by candidates.

Post your job offers on your career site

The importance of employer branding is no longer in question. It can’t be said enough: 83% of job seekers find out about a company before applying, while 81% of them make their choice based on the information they find. An assertive employer brand is now a guarantee of quality and seriousness for talented people who increasingly favour well-being at work, and are more and more attentive to the environment of the company where they apply. However, a career page or site gives you the opportunity to highlight your company’s DNA, its values and its professions. This is one of the best ways to boost your employer brand. And a significant plus in a penurious context as we know it today!

With Beetween, develop a career site in your image, which respects your values and your graphic charter. You already have a career site? We update it and connect it with an XML feed so that you can post your job offers via your own career space.

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