ATS Software: Everything you need to know before you start

Equipping yourself with dedicated software is the best way to digitalize your recruiting. But do you really know what TTY software is? How will digitizing your recruitments allow you to improve both your employer brand and the productivity of your recruiters?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you make the decision to equip yourself.

Part 1

Why digitize your recruitments ?

Here is the first question to ask: what is the purpose of digital recruitment?
Whether you are in Human Resources or a business leader, what do you have to gain by investing in software?

Let’s start by stating the obvious: ATS software must be RGPD compliant. But other than that, why digitize your recruiting?


Reduce recruitment time by 50%.

Increase your productivity and improve your recruiting

Improve your employer brand and candidate journey


Receive 34% more applications on average


25% of employees are concerned about their employer’s handling of personal data

Manage your recruitment activity efficiently and securely

Still some obstacles to the digitalization of your recruitment ?

"Getting equipped is a significant cost for my business."

We design your package to fit your needs and budget. With Beetween, you can save up to 10 times the amount invested!

"I'm going to have to train my staff, it takes way too much time."

We offer our customers a wide range of initial and ongoing training methods: on-site training, remote training, user guides, tutorials, etc. For all budgets and all schedules!

"I don't know how to set up a tool like this, I'm not going to make it."

We provide a turnkey tool. We take care of setting up your account and train you on how to use it.

"Changing our processes to accommodate software risks totally disrupting us."

With Beetween, the software adapts to you and not the other way around! We configure our tool according to your processes, your HR tools and your needs.

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They are the ones who talk about it the best...
Part 2

How to digitalize your recruitment ?

The recruitment software improves your processes from A to Z!

From the expression of your needs to the hiring of the future employee, the ATS software optimizes and automates a set of time-consuming tasks while saving you time! This is a real advantage for streamlining your internal recruitment management, reducing your hiring costs and improving your entire human resources department.

Let’s take a look at how ATS software is used at each stage of Inbound Recruiting.

Step 1: Attracting candidates

The first step of an inbound recruiting strategy is to attract candidates to select the right profile!

Attracting candidates is a complex mission in the daily life of a recruiter, especially in a context of talent shortage and increased competition! To overcome these difficulties, the notion of employer branding is nowadays omnipresent and constitutes one of the keys to promote the volume and quality of applications.

Once the applications have been received, they must be pre-screened correctly and quickly in order to maintain a smooth candidate flow.

0 %
of candidates research a company before applying

Source Glassdoor

Top 3 reasons to use tools to attract candidates (%)

Source Statista

What tools does Beetween provide to attract candidates ?

Step 2: Converting talent

The second step of an inbound recruiting strategy is to convert candidates into employees. To do this, it is essential that the candidate experience is optimal!

Optimizing the candidate experience and converting new recruits is one of the most important issues for HR professionals and yet not the easiest to accomplish! With this new context of competition and a candidate path that is increasingly focused on the human side, it is becoming complex to adapt to the expectations of talents in terms of recruitment and therefore to find the ideal profile!

The good news is that recruitment software is designed to automate a number of tedious tasks while ensuring a good quality of exchange between recruiter and candidate. Very useful in the pre-qualification and qualification of candidates, the ATS software offers a wide range of features to make your recruitment process more fluid.

With such a time saving, no talent will escape you!

0 %
of applications are read on average

Source Zety

Average duration of a recruitment in France (in weeks)

Sources:, Pôle Emploi, Apec

What tools does Beetween have at your disposal to convert talent ?

Step 3: Retain employees

Employee retention is the final step in an inbound recruiting strategy to integrate and make the new recruit adhere to your brand! Indeed, a recruitment costs on average more than 5300€. Not retaining employees means investing at a loss.

To achieve this, the onboarding of the newcomer plays a key role in this process, so that he or she identifies with your values and your corporate culture.
Personalized welcome, reactive communication, assignment of a mentor or follow-up of the talent, there are many measures to make the candidate feel at home!

Beyond onboarding, employee involvement in the various activities of the company, including the recruitment of new employees, is essential to maintain their sense of belonging throughout their life within your structure.

0 %
of permanent contracts are terminated within the first year of employment

Source Zety

Top 4 causes of resignations (in %)

Source Humanize

What tools does Beetween offer you to retain employees ?

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Part 3

Choosing your TTY : good practices

Analyzing your functional needs is the key to increasing your chances of success in recruitment.

#1 Assess your functional needs

The number of hires affects the automation requirements and therefore the amount of your recruitment software subscription. In addition, it is estimated that below 20 hires per year, the use of ATS software is not cost-effective.

Multicasting is the basic building block of a recruitment software.

Make sure that the software you select meets this requirement. Do not hesitate to contact a sales representative directly on this point, many ATS do not communicate on all the job boards with which they are connected.

Moreover, at Beetween, we study all requests to connect to a new job board, but this is not the case for all ATS software.

Depending on the type of profile you are looking for, you may find yourself in 2 opposite situations:

  1. Management of very high volumes of applications: features such as parsing and matching will be very valuable and even necessary
  2. Shortage of candidates: sourcing and advanced CV management functionalities are essential

Here it is important to list all the people involved in the recruitment process and in what way. Indeed, with Beetween, we configure several different types of licenses in order to better adapt the accesses of each one according to its role. Good practice is to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are involved in recruitment?
  • What is their role in the recruitment process?
  • What actions should they take in recruitment?

This will give you a very precise idea of your user needs.

Time wasted in posting your offers on various job boards, sorting out CVs… List here everything that is causing you problems in your current recruitment management. This will allow you to better prioritize your needs afterwards.

Do you manage several brands? Several entities? You need to manage one or more different recruitment processes on the same tool? Do you need to integrate one or more validation paths before you can start recruiting?

These elements are part of the ultra-customization of the software. Not all TTYs offer this level of accommodation.

Most recruiting software today offers career pages, but not all offer customized career sites that showcase your employer brand.

What are your needs in this area? Are you satisfied with a single page? Or, on the contrary, do you need a real tailor-made job to highlight your employer brand?

One of the most valuable aspects of digitalization is the interconnection of tools. Can the ATS software connect with the tools you already use? Should it replace them?

#2 Determine the framework of your digitalization project

Now that you have asked yourself all the right functional questions, you need to prioritize your needs in order to find the best balance between budget, ergonomics, intuitiveness and functionality.

We advise you to make several categories and to take all your needs to classify them by category, and to note their importance by simple items, such as :

  • Indispensable
  • Very useful
  • Bonus

You will be able to assign a score to each need, weighted by the importance you attach to it.

It will then be easy for you to compare the different TTYs on your list.

Have your recruiters ever had the opportunity to use ATS software? Are they comfortable with computer tools in general?

Do you need to plan to train managers as well?

Beetween offers several types of training: on site, videoconferencing, monthly beginner training courses accessible to all customers, video tutorials, online user documentation, etc.

The more important your functional needs and your customization requirements are, the higher the parameterization needs will be, and consequently the cost of the software as well.

Define your ideal budget, but also your maximum budget. This will help you to quickly establish a shortlist during your search.

Choosing a SaaS software, such as Beetween, significantly reduces the delivery of the tool because it does not require any installation on the workstations.

However, another factor comes into play: the personalization of your accounts. The more customizations you make, the longer it will take to configure. Take this into account when making customization requests.

Your project scoping is your best friend to identify the added value of the project while aligning the requirements for its deployment.

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