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Digital recruitment in large groups

Large groups and companies with more than 500 employees are major players in recruitment and employment in France. However, managing recruitment for large companies can be complex despite their significant human, technical and financial resources. With a tight labour market, a shortage of candidates and a war for talent for those actively looking for a job, recruitment in large companies is an area that must constantly adapt to meet the competition.

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Beetween offers a recruitment software for large companies and key accounts dedicated to their problems, mainly due to three factors:

  • A quantitative factor: some companies, because of their reputation, receive a very high number of applications. Others, on the other hand, receive too little.
  • A qualitative factor: many of the applications received do not meet the requirements of the position offered, either in terms of skills, experience or personal qualities.
  • An emotional factor: many companies are faced with an image deficit, which in turn affects the attractiveness of job offers in large companies.

Thus, with the large company recruitment solutions offered by Beetween, companies can improve their recruitment on several levels:

  • The multicasting of job advertisements allows them to optimize the visibility of the positions offered, by publishing the offers where the candidates do their own research.
  • The free CV library allows recruiters to optimize their CV and candidate management, by creating a real pool of qualified talent.
  • Recruitment processes in large companies are often criticized for their length and lack of clarity. Communication tools such as time-shifted video and video conferencing optimize communication with candidates, thus providing a positive and seamless candidate experience.

Beetween also offers the creation of custom career sites. It is an essential recruitment tool for developing the employer brand, and therefore an essential lever for recruitment in large companies.

How to recruit in a large company with Beetween?

Multiposting of job offers

Publish your job offers on more than 120 job boards in a few clicks and gather all your recruiters' accounts in the same interface.

Shortlisting of candidates

Pre-screen your candidates quickly and easily using questionnaires and delayed video.

Communicate with candidates

Email, SMS, videoconferencing, deferred video, exchange of dematerialized documents... All modes of communication are accessible in Beetween.

Collaborative Recruitment and Processing Recruitment Requests

Recruit as a team and respect your unique processes with the simplified management of the processing recruitment requests...

Interconnection of tools

Centralize all your information and interconnect your tools with Beetween (HRIS, CRM, calendar, etc.)

Secure data

Beetween secures all your data and ensures compliance with the GDPR.

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