Human services sector

Attract qualified profiles and limit turnover

With a turn over of more than 70%, the human services sector urgently needs to become more attractive to candidates! But the challenge also lies in retaining your own employees. The low pay, the arduous nature of the assignments and the shifting or fragmented schedules are all points that can dissuade many. Not to mention an additional difficulty on your side: multi-agency management.

It is therefore essential for your HR teams to adopt a structured and simplified recruitment strategy in order to capture the attention of qualified profiles. To do this, our ATS software will make your daily work easier!

Limit absenteeism

Are you regularly short-staffed? Do you have to replace workers at short notice to fulfill your missions and guarantee your turnover?
Reduce the impact of absenteeism by multiplying your job offers on more than 150 job boards! This will allow you to build up a pool of qualified candidates in order to react as quickly as possible!
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Simplify your processes

You need to simplify and optimize your recruitment processes to gain in reactivity and save time?
With Beetween, automate low value-added tasks and focus on candidate communication with our dedicated features.
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Each problem has its own functionality!

Provide your candidates with a smooth and positive experience, be responsive and reduce absenteeism by reaching a large pool of qualified talent!

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Target the best profiles by posting your offers on a selection of 150 job boards, in just a few clicks.

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Create your talent pool

Quickly and easily search for the best profiles in your customized resume database.

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Candidate Communication

Email, SMS, videoconferencing, videocasting... Beetween ensures a personalized communication with your candidates.

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Employer Brand

Improve your employer brand by simplifying your candidate path, and benefiting from a career site that reflects your image.

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