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Drive your recruitments online from A to Z

  • Organize your recruitment activity
  • Recruit as a team
  • Create your private resumes database
  • Multi-publish your job offers instantly
  • Avoid automatically the "spam resumes"
  • Search amongst millions of online resumes
  • Measure the performance of your recruitments
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An innovative company serving recruiters and candidates.

Beetween was created in 2007 with the vision that the recruitment market was still evolving, this market remained fairly archaic and that even if the Internet had helped streamline employer-candidate relations, new services and recruitment tools should see day.

Beetween created a very innovative recruitment software, SaaS / Cloud, who became the first platform digital recruitment, offering businesses a comprehensive tool to manage their entire recruitment process:

– Facilitate communication between all stakeholders in the recruitment (internal and external)
– Disseminate very quickly multi-posting ads to partner sites to ensure maximum visibility of the advertisement at low cost
– Follow the progress of each recruitment
– Follow each candidate
– Establish a database of candidates from all types of resumes received or added (email with attachment, word or pdf file, …)
– Easily search by keywords candidates in the database internal CV thus constituted
– Search profiles from millions of CV indexed by our search engine Web
– Send direct applications from candidates to managers concerned

Beetween has a customer satisfaction rate of 98% and a turnover rate of 98%.

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