The recruitment strategy of the ISD Pôle emploi – Testimony of Jean Vidal

The IT recruitment strategy of the Pôle Emploi IT Department with Beetween

Pôle Emploi is a key player in the employment sector in France. To ensure an efficient service for jobseekers, Pôle Emploi’s ISD recruits every year with the help of Beetween. Jean Vidal, head of recruitment for this department, explains this it recruitment strategy, supported by the ATS Beetween software.

Jean Vidal
Jean Vidal

Presentation of Pôle Emploi’s ISD

The ISD, or IT System Department of Pôle emploi, was created in 2008. Its objective is to support the digital transformation of services for job seekers and businesses. Nearly 1,600 people at 13 sites in France are working on the digital transformation of Pôle emploi.

Easy adaptation to Beetween recruitment software

We’ve been using Beetween for over a year now, and we’re very happy with it.

Mr. Vidal and his teams discovered Beetween a little over a year ago. Within the HR team, there are about fifteen recruiters who use our recruitment software on a daily basis.

I have received a lot of positive feedback from my team. The adaptation to the ATS software was done very quickly: the tool is easy to use, especially concerning the sharing of recruitments and CVs, which is very useful since we work in a team. The centralization and the interface facilitate a better visibility of the recruitment progress. This is very practical for the operational management of recruitment. We can immediately see the delays that can occur in certain recruitments.

Within the IT department, our recruitment tool is used as a recruitment CRM to monitor and support HR. In fact, Beetween allows access to notes on a candidate, a summary of the first exchange with that same candidate or even the scheduling of future appointments at a glance.

An optimized IT recruitment process

As with a sales pipeline, the tool has a huge impact on the usage and strategy of its users. Beetween helped us to structure ourselves. We used this tool to create our recruitment plan

For the HR part, Mr. Vidal relied on the visual and easy follow-up of the recruitments offered by Beetween. For the operational part, it is the ultra ergonomic side facilitating the treatment of the CVs which inspired him.

Included on your Beetween platform is the follow-up of candidates from the first opening of the CV to the signing of the contract (including phone calls, appointments, notes on the first exchanges…). Mr. Vidal has created a real process to take full advantage of these benefits.
A simple procedure requiring recruiters to follow Beetween’s ad distribution protocol (to take advantage of the centralization of applications and duplicate management) and then to use the recruitment steps and take notes directly on the software.

This Beetween reflex has saved us a lot of time and made us more efficient.
Even external recruitments have been added to the platform! The statistics part, completed with internal analysis tools, allow the IT department toprecisely evaluate the costs of each recruitment and toestablish a strategy to reduce them.

Quick and measurable results within the IT department

With a year’s hindsight, have you noticed any convincing results?

In just one year, almost 100 recruitments have been made via the Beetween platform! This strategy has paid off, especially since almost all of the hires were made internally:

Thanks to Beetween, we were able to recruit 97% of our recruitment plan internally

Subcontracting only 3 positions to external service providers allowed us to further reduce the bill and to better control the image and the impact of this recruitment campaign.
This was an additional advantage for this internal recruitment plan, which also enabled us to gather valuable information for future IT recruitment.

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