CV Database Management

Beetween allows you to manage your own CV library

As a recruitment and application management software, Beetween allows you to build a centralized and secure CV database. This free CV library for employers offers you the possibility to keep all your work history and to classify them by type or pool.

Resume management

Source the best profiles

With our Beetween sourcing extension, source the best profiles directly from LinkedIn and import them into your HR resume library with no effort.

Create your talent pool

Organize, qualify and customize your CV management and notify managers of a recruitment in progress automatically, thanks to tags!

Save time with parsing

Beetween automatically creates and fills in the candidate file thanks to CV parsing technology.

Automatically pre-select and qualify

Automatically or manually, at your convenience, send a recruitment questionnaire to candidates and automatically pre-qualify their profile.

Search for talent in your CV library

With our partner HRmatch by Cleverconnect, search for talent easily with CV matching technology and optimize your CV library.

Fast. Efficient.

Organize and manage your talent pool

All CVs that arrive on your Beetween recruitment interface are automatically added to your online CV library: whether they come from your job ad multicast or from the import of your existing CV database, they all end up in your secure online space.

Gone are the days when you kept your resumes as desktop files on your hard drive, in your email box… They are now all in one place, accessible online 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

Why choose Beetween as your CV's management and sourcing tool?

Before becoming a key player in digital recruitment, Beetween was a recruitment agency. Our CV management software was designed by recruiters in response to the problems inherent in their profession. Recruitment sourcing and candidate management are key features of Beetween.

Moreover, our expertise as a recruiter allows us to understand and support our clients according to their needs and constraints. While our technical support guides you through Beetween recruitment platform, our HR and Customer Success Management (CSM) team will assist you in optimising your recruitment processes. Their role: to help you unite your internal teams and improve the visibility of your employer brand, to ensure successful recruitment campaigns!

Sourcing on social networks.

Take advantage of features dedicated to sourcing on LinkedIn

Multiplying your job offers on the right job boards may not be enough depending on the profiles you are looking for. Indeed, some talents, such as senior developers or experienced sales people, tend to remain passive in their job search.
Recruiters must therefore be proactive and source these talents, looking for them where they are! To meet this need and allow them to easily search for resumes online, Beetween has set up a feature dedicated to sourcing on LinkedIn, in the form of an extension for your browser.

The LinkedIn pluses:

LinkedIn is THE professional social network par excellence. In 2020, there were more than 19 million active users in France, more than half of the French working population! You are sure to find qualified resumes on this social network.

How to search for a resume with our LinkedIn sourcing software? Nothing could be easier! Simply install the extension, search for the profile on LinkedIn and import it into your CV library with one click!

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Recherche dans la CVthèque
Pre-selection of candidates

CV management: qualify profiles and pre-select candidates

Pre-screening of candidates and qualification of profiles are two essential tasks in terms of CV management. The good management of your CV library will have a strong impact on your future recruitments. Indeed, if a candidate profile does not correspond to your search for recruitment X, it could be ideal for a future recruitment Y!

Although essential, these steps are particularly time-consuming. To help you save time in managing candidates, Beetween offers you the possibility of quickly and easily qualifying each candidate file with custom tags. These tags then help you search for talent in your free CV library.
These tags can be filled in manually by the recruiter, or automatically thanks to the parsing of information received following the registration of a document in the database (the CV for example), the answer to the recruitment questionnaire by a candidate…

CV matching or the optimized use of the CV library

A large HR CV library has the disadvantage of its advantage. You certainly have a large number of candidate profiles at your disposal. However, this implies more difficulties in sorting out the talents corresponding to the need of the moment.

This is where CV matching comes in. A technology based on artificial intelligence, matching allows us to compare the skills/training/experience required for the position to be filled with those of the candidate. Thanks to the HRmatch solution available with our application management software, you can extract the most interesting CVs from your database, classified by order of compatibility with the targeted criteria. This feature is therefore very interesting for a good qualification of your CV library.

Matching et parsing de CV

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