Collaborative recruitment

Develop a collaborative corporate culture

In a context of digital transformation and significant jobs evolution, it seems more and more complex for a human resources specialist to assume alone all the responsibilities of recruiting a new employee. Indeed, how to gauge the skills of a web developer or a traffic manager without having some knowledge in the field? To overcome these difficulties, recruitment in a company must involve the employees and managers directly concerned by the position in question, whether in human resources or in other departments. Indeed, if each recruiter has his own recruitments the way he wants, an opinion of a superior or a manager is often necessary before the final hiring.

Collaborators working together

1 license per user

Each type of user has its own customizable license: administrator, recruiter or manager.

Recruit as a team

Beetween’s collaborative mode allows everyone (Beetween users or external) to intervene on a recruitment in progress while keeping a record of the actions taken.

Synchronize your HR tools

Our technical teams interconnect your recruitment tool to your various software (HRIS, CRM, Agenda…)

Move on to group interviews

Bring all the interviewers together in the same virtual room and save time in your recruitment.

Manage your DAR/DDR

With custom settings, Beetween includes your Recruitment Authorization Requests in your recruitment process.

Recruiting as a team.

Beetween offers you a collaborative recruitment mode

To facilitate collaborative recruiting and fosteremployee engagement, our recruiting software includes a collaborative mode. The latter allows your company’s employees to share a common CV library. A supervisor will be able to study the progress of searches, optimize expenses in terms of distribution on job boards and analyze the statistics of recruitment sites according to the jobs sought and past advertisements. On the ATS Beetween software, one license corresponds to one user. Each license can be assigned its own rights.

Why choose Beetween as a collaborative recruitment tool?

More than a software, Beetween is a team of experts in human resources. If our ATS software meets your needs and constraints, it is above all because our Customer Success Management teams have gone through and redefined them with you! Only once your problems have been identified do we propose the appropriate technical solution.

The Beetween advantage: our recruitment platform is perfectly adaptable to your internal operations. What’s more, it’s an evolving tool, with new updates and features regularly added to your recruitment possibilities!

Each need has its own license.

User management and collaborative recruitment mode

Beetween recruitment software is fully customizable. As such, we can set up different user profiles based on our 3 types of licenses:

  • Recruiter: Allows you to post job offers and manage a whole recruitment process.
  • Manager: allows a manager to validate or not a candidate profile in the recruitment process. However, this type of profile offers more limited access to Beetween features.
  • Administrator: consists of a “Recruiter” profile, to which the administration rights of other user licenses have been added.

The Beetween advantages:

In addition, we can configure your accesses as branches within the same company. Each recruitment can be shared, manually or automatically, to all or part of the recruiters of the same company or agency. To go further, it is also possible to share a recruitment or a candidate file with a third party, who is not a Beetween user, in order to facilitate teamwork between all the players in your recruitment process.

The collaborative mode is also accompanied by the possibility of leaving a report or notes on a candidate file, of noting the latter… group interviews can also be set up whatever your reference tool, Whereby, Zoom, Skype, … Ideal for coordinate the tasks of the hiring process! group interviewscan also be set up whatever your reference tool, Whereby, Zoom, Skype, …Ideal for coordinating tasks in the hiring process!

Illustration Collaborative recruitment
Collaboration between employees
Collaborative recruitment

Recruitment Authorization Requests (RAF/RD)

Specific to hospitals, the Recruitment Authorization Requests (DAR) or Recruitment Requests (DDR) are internal procedures requiring a recruiter to request authorization from one or more superiors to launch a recruitment. Recruitment is therefore locked if the required validations are not obtained.
Beetween can create a tailored validation process to your company and include it in your recruitment software.

Synchronization of recruitment tools

To allow you to recruit as a team while gaining in productivity, we can interconnect your recruitment platform to any tool you use to manage your recruitments:

  • HRIS
  • ERP and CRM
  • Accounting software
  • Project management tool
  • Applicant Assessment Tool
  • Agenda

Beetween is already interconnected with many partners:

Synchronization of recruitment tools

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