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At a time when the employer brand and the applicant path make all the difference in recruitment, communication with candidates is a key success factor.

Beetween has therefore naturally developed communication functionalities for all media (email, SMS, video, etc.) to enable you to interact with your talent at every stage of the recruitment process.

Communication with applicants

Email / SMS

Our recruitment tool allows thesending of simple or grouped emails and/or SMS, manual or automatic, all of which are recorded in the candidate file.


Turn cover letters into motivational videos, use time-shifted video, and conduct remote interviews via video conferencing.


By automatically qualifying profiles with a candidate questionnaire, you will have no difficulty in preselecting your candidates.

Application follow-up

Your candidates expect transparent communication from you: that’s what the application tracking file is for.

Internal exchanges

Reports, opinions, collective interviews… All this data must be accessible and centralized in a collaborative recruitment system.

Fast. Efficient.

Between all the players in the recruitment process

Recruitment communication is also internal! Our application management software also provides you with internal exchange tools, to bring together all the players in the recruitment process.

Thus, all exchanges are recorded in the candidate’s file, whether they are exchanges with the candidate, or managerial opinions, interview reports, etc.

Why choose Beetween to improve candidate communication?

E-mails, SMS, video job interviews… Beyond offering exchange functionalities, the Beetween recruitment software allows to ensure a personalized communication between all the actors of the recruitment: HR and recruiters, managers and of course: candidates.

To do this, we support our clients in their HR thoughts to help them optimize their recruitment process, unit their HR teams and improve the visibility of their employer brand, three essential points to guarantee a positive and transparent candidate path and employee experience.

A variety of candidate communication media

ATS Beetween software allows recruiters to communicate with candidates in multiple ways:


You can choose to send a recruitment email to one or more candidates, use templates or schedule automatic emails such as application acknowledgements. These emails can use variables to automatically personalize them.


In the same way as emails, recruitment SMS can be sent to one or more candidates simultaneously. You can also use them to ask applicants a question that will qualify their record (for example, asking them if they have a B license).

Application Questionnaire
The recruitment questionnaire, sent manually or automatically upon receipt of the application, allows for further pre-qualification of the candidate file. With this feature, you can improve the quality of your selection. You can request several interview questionnaires on your platform to meet all your needs.
Recruitment video

Beetween offers 3 video recruitment methods

The live video interview, or recruitment video conference, which allows a direct exchange with the candidate. You can invite one or more candidates to this type of video interview, but also managers.

Video delayed recruitment allows for quick video screening of candidates while still having initial contact with them. How does offline video recruitment work? You write your questions, the candidate receives an invitation to answer them online via video and then you simply watch the answers! One of the advantages of video interviewing is that the candidate does not have time to think about answering your questions, as they would in a face-to-face interview.

The motivational video that aims to replace the long and classic cover letters. How does it work?
When a talent applies for one of your job offers, the candidate in question first receives an automatic email confirming that their application has been received. At the same time, they receive a second email inviting them to present themselves in 2 minutes via a motivational video. The exercise is guided, i.e. it must answer two pre-formatted questions:

  1. Share with us the professional or personal achievement you are most proud of.
  2. What made you want to apply?

It is a particularly effective tool for the pre-selection of candidates. The latter are less stressed, having the opportunity to prepare their answers. On your side, you have a concrete overview of their personality and their motivational levers, valuable information to select the profiles that best fit the position, the teams and the spirit of your company.

A candidate path based on transparency

A recruitment process is made up of various stages that are more or less visible to candidates. The process can thus seem quite long for the latter. To remedy this problem and not lose the best talent during the selection process, it is important to maintain communication at every stage. To do this, phone calls, emails and SMS are essential to maintain a positive and transparent candidate experience.

However, you must not “drown” the profile you are looking for in a mass of communication. Give them the opportunity to communicate at a time that is most convenient for them. Thus, the request for additional information by questionnaire is a fun alternative that offers the advantage of automatically qualifying the candidate file, thus simplifying the work of pre-selecting candidates.

With the evolution of candidates’ motivations and job search methods, knowing how to stand out from your competitor-recruiters is essential to attract or keep the best profiles. Especially when you know that a third of candidates expect more communication during a recruitment process! To avoid losing contact, provide your candidates with an application follow-up file, available at any time online, and automatically updated following your actions on the candidate’s file.

Enhanced employee experience

The employee experience begins before a new employee even arrives, and continues throughout their career with your organization. Include your employees in the recruitment process (especially the newcomer’s future direct colleagues) to ensure a positive and personalized onboarding process!
Indeed, the first interested parties are the candidates’ future managers. By including them in the selection process, you strengthen the sense of belonging and unite your teams. Beetween facilitates this integration by assigning manager licenses that allow to:

  • access the entire applicant form
  • leave notes on the file
  • write up interview reports
  • rate the candidate
  • send emails and SMS
  • invite and participate in remote interviews.
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