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Digital recruitment in SMEs

According to the BpiFrance Le Lab and Rexecode 2019 barometer, recruitment difficulties in SMEs/VSEs are the main obstacle to growth for 57% of them. These difficulties are linked to multiple factors:

  • Within a SME or VSE, recruitment is often limited to a single employee, or is handled directly by the manager.
  • There are not enough specialized resources for recruitment missions in companies to carry out these tasks in optimal conditions: sorting and qualification of CVs, analysis of applications and drafting of job offers.
  • Too many poorly qualified applicants, not in line with the company’s expectations.
Recruiting in an SME

From posting a job ad to responding to talent, hiring SMEs simply don’t have the time to optimize their recruitment process! In addition to this lack of time, there are the same issues that large groups and other companies of all sizes face: the war for talent, shortage of candidates, etc.

To facilitate recruitment in SMEs, Beetween offers customised recruitment software: multicasting of job offers, CV library, parsing and matching of CVs, prioritisation and management of applications… All the solutions to the recruitment problems of VSEs and SMEs can be found in Beetween’s ATS software!
Are you a CEO, director or in charge of recruitment for a small or medium-sized company? Find out how to save time and post your jobs on the right SME recruitment website at the right time to find the right candidate!

How to recruit in a small business with Beetween?

Multiposting of job offers

Publish your job offers on more than 120 job boards in just a few clicks, for a fee or free.

Shortlisting of candidates

Pre-screen your candidates quickly and easily using questionnaires and delayed video.

Communicate with candidates

Email, SMS, videoconferencing, deferred video, exchange of dematerialized documents... All modes of communication are accessible in Beetween.

Pre-packaged subscriptions

Keep an eye on your expenses with our pre-packaged and complete packages.

100% digital recruitment

Centralize all the information (candidate files, various documents, exchange history, etc.) related to your recruitment process.

Secure data

Beetween secures all your data and ensures compliance with the GDPR.

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