Recruitment software for the construction industry: feedback on 2 years of use of Beetween by SALTI

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Data centralization: the key to HR success according to SALTI

As we leave the confinement, Arnaud Debersée, Communication Manager at SALTI, gives us the feedback of his HR teams. Data centralization, collaborative interface… Testimonial after 2 years of using Beetween for their recruitment in the construction industry.

SALTI in a few words

SALTI is a family business specialising in the rental of equipment for professionals in the construction and industrial sectors. With more than 40 agencies in France and 420 employees, SALTI is the 3rd largest equipment rental company in France.
What is obvious when you talk to the SALTI teams is their desire to value their own employees. Inbound recruiting is part of the DNA of this company. Employer branding, candidate journey and onboarding are the 3 pillars of their HR marketing.

Recruitment in the construction industry: the choice of ATS Between

There are many tools available on the market for recruiters. However, juggling all of this software can be time consuming for HR teams. In order to solve this problem, SALTI decided 2 years ago to equip itself with ATS software. Being able to centralize all the actions of the recruitment process on a single interface has allowed SALTI’s HR teams to focus on their core business: people.

Beetween allows you to gather all the information and have a single interface.

Three arguments led SALTI to choose Beetween.

A human-sized structure

Beetween is an SME that, like SALTI, works on a family basis. This similarity between the two companies was very appealing to them. Indeed, the ability to listen and the flexibility that this type of structure brings has enabled us to adapt the Beetween platform to all the needs presented by SALTI.

A “great” first contact

First impressions are important, no matter what the circumstances. Active listening and reformulation of needs, product demonstration… Beetween’s experts were able to demonstrate to SALTI their willingness to match the Beetween recruitment tool to their requirements.

An all-in-one solution

Beetween’s main interest is to provide a complete solution for managing the entire recruitment process in the construction industry. Whether we’re talking about the multi-distribution of job offers, candidate journey, CV library management, communication with candidates, collaborative recruitment with internal and external stakeholders, or analysis of recruitment activity, Beetween is there.

Feedback from SALTI

The result is really beyond our expectations!

The Beetween software and its features

When asked about their feelings after 2 years of working with Beetween, the SALTI teams had this to say:

All our ads are centralized in one place and are automatically published on our different jobcorners and on our new HR website. There is no more double entry of ads, all applications arrive at the same place.
Rather than recreating an HR website from scratch, we were able to benefit from a complete responsive HR space in our colors.

In fact, in addition to having an intuitive recruitment platform, SALTI now has a career site developed by the Beetween teams: A site created following the submission of graphic models by SALTI.

The collaboration with the Beetween team

Deeply rooted in SALTI’s values, teamwork has been at the heart of its collaboration with Beetween. All the changes and adaptations to the platform have been carried out in dialogue and consultation.

Responsive, competent, professional and accommodating

Today, 3 people use Beetween on a daily basis at SALTI. Their favorite job board? Indeed.

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