Recruiting engineers with Beetween: ADF testifies

Optimizing the recruitment of engineers with ATS software: ADF’s testimony

ADF builds and maintains plants for French and European industry: structural work, hydraulics, metallurgy, boiler making. This fast-growing company integrates between 300 and 400 new employees every year. Two years ago, ADF called on Beetween to optimise its HR process and improve the recruitment of engineers. Pierre Chazerans, ADF’s HR Director, testifies.

ADF Group, in brief

The ADF Group has no less than 3,900 employees in 14 countries and on 4 continents! It is one of the major players in engineering and maintenance services for industry, focusing on three activities: engineering and expertise, supply of production and test equipment, and production and maintenance services. The company operates in the aeronautics, space & defence, energy and industry sectors. ADF has a proven track record which, combined with a strong customer intimacy, allows the company to offer its customers services focused on improving the performance of their industrial facilities.

Why adopt Beetween recruitment software?

In a context of cutting-edge technology, the recruiters of the ADF Group are looking for highly qualified CVs, agents and engineers who are highly specialised in specific trades in very large geographical areas.

We used to subscribe to several resume libraries. For example, when recruiting engineers, we had to post our ads on numerous sites and then process hundreds of resumes in our mailboxes, most of which were unqualified. Needless to say, this work was particularly time consuming!

In one click, we publish our ads on all job boards.

Faced with an inefficient recruitment process, the human resources department of the ADF Group decided to sign a contract with Beetween. Seduced and convinced as soon as the software was presented, they quickly realized the interest of the product: With one click we can broadcast our ads everywhere, including on our own career site, the time saving is considerable. In use, we also particularly appreciate the return circuit of classification and processing of CVs in a single place, it’s really very efficient” explains one of the managers.

During the presentation of the software, Pierre Chazerans “tested” Beetween : I asked them to look for a boiler engineer with 10 years experience living in Perpignan, which obviously Beetween could not prepare in advance. In a few seconds I had a list of profiles matching my criteria! One of Beetween’s features allows you to do sourcing without publishing an ad. The search engine then works on the free and paying sites of its customers

The advantages of the software combined with each other to facilitate the entire recruitment activity of the ADF HR department. Secondary benefit: the department’s brand image has been improved internally.Thanks to Beetween, we have greatly increased the number of CVs distributed internally and therefore reduced the number of negative remarks from the company’s department managers about our responsiveness.
If this transformation was possible, it is also thanks to the close relationship established between the service provider and the client. Beetween offers a product that is easy to use and makes it easy to get started by providing an in-house hotline for new users. Beetween has shown itself to be very available, and the people we talk to know how to put themselves at our level and do not use the incomprehensible jargon of computer specialists with us.

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