Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Information collected on this site is exclusively intended for the processing of your request by Beetween.

In accordance with the provisions of Sections 38 et seq. of Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you retain a right to access, communicate, correct, update, and delete your personal data at any time. To exercise one of these rights, please send a letter to the following address: BEETWEEN, 91 rue de l’Université, 75007 PARIS

The site does not require users to enter their personal information and does not save personal data on users who are simply visiting its pages.

To receive emails or “Digital Recruitment” services, users are invited to provide their contact information and email address. These data will only be used to execute the requested service. Beetween will not communicate these data to third parties. In addition, uses cookies for statistical purposes. User identities are not exposed with cookies; instead, a cookie records information on site navigation (pages viewed, date and time a page is viewed, etc.) which will be read on subsequent visits.

We inform you that you may configure your internet browser settings to object to the use of cookies or be notified prior to agreeing to their use.

General terms of use

The use of Beetween products, software, services, and websites, including all textual, image, and animated content, databases, and programs (collectively referred to as “Services” in this document and excluding all services provided by Beetween and subject to a separate written agreement) is governed by these terms of use.

Using the Website

Beetween grants you permission to view the Website and its content in a strictly personal and private capacity, which excludes any public viewing or publication. Permission to reproduce content is granted solely in a digital form on your computer, for the purpose of viewing pages opened by your navigation software. Printing is only authorized for private use, for the exclusive use of the copier, within the meaning of Article L. 122-5 2 of the French Intellectual Property Code. Creating a hyperlink on the Website is allowed without a frame to the address of the site’s homepage (, to the exclusion of any other address.

Any other use not expressly covered herein is not permitted and requires Beetween’s prior express written consent. Other than for the uses expressly outlined above, you are not authorized: to reproduce Beetween trademarks or logos, make deep hyperlinks on any part of the website other than the home page, use or extract all or part of the databases used by the website.

Use of Services

Access to some Services requires you to provide information about yourself (e.g. your identity or contact information) as part of the Service registration process or as part of your use of the Services. You acknowledge that all information provided to Beetween for registration purposes will always be accurate, correct, and up to date.

You agree to use the Services only for the purposes authorized by these terms of use and any laws, regulations or practices, or directives generally accepted in the relevant jurisdictions.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible if you violate any of your obligations under the Terms, and you acknowledge you will be responsible for any consequences (including any loss or harm suffered by Beetween) of such a violation.

You expressly acknowledge that Beetween cannot be liable to you or third parties in this regard. You agree and acknowledge that you are responsible for respecting the confidentiality of passwords associated with any accounts you use to gain access to the Services. You therefore acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any acts made from your Beetween account.

Information and Content

You acknowledge that sole responsibility falls on the issuer for all information (such as data files, written texts, computer software, music, audio files or other sounds, photographs, videos, and images) accessed as part of the Services (or elements accessible through them).

The information available on this website has been compiled from several sources and is subject to change without notice. Beetween does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or operationality of the Services or the information it contains; nor does it guarantee having verified such information.

Beetween Research Services results are information that has been identified, indexed, and compiled through an automatic process without prior human verification. Given the large volume of regularly added, deleted, and modified website information, Beetween is unable to filter everything that is made available to users on its indexes. Beetween reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to delete a link toward a site on its index if (i) the website owner has restricted access to their site or if (ii) a site has been deleted from the web (with proof of the owner’s explicit request for deletion or, lacking that, proof from a third party). However, if the site operator does not take any preventive measures, the automatic systems used to create the indexes will likely find this site and index it again in the short term.

Beetween assumes no responsibility for the information contained in the Services and disclaims any liability arising from negligence or other reasons with respect to this information.

By using Beetween Services, you assume the risks related to the completeness, accuracy, adequacy, and timeliness of the information.

You acknowledge that by using the Services, you may be exposed to information that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, or questionable. You also acknowledge that, in this context, you are using the Services at your own risk.

Services may include hyperlinks to other websites, content, and other resources. Beetween does not always check sites and resources provided by companies or third parties. You therefore acknowledge that Beetween cannot be held responsible for the availability of external sites or resources, and that Beetween does not endorse the content of these sites, or the resources and products that are presented or available on these websites or resources. You agree and acknowledge that Beetween cannot be held responsible for losses or damages resulting from the availability of external sites or resources; nor can it be liable for the completeness, accuracy, or existence of advertising, products, or other items available on these websites or resources.

Beetween informs you that the information provided by its Services is merely indicative and does not constitute advice. Beetween recommends that you consult a professional and take measures to supplement information. Beetween does not guarantee that an employer or client will solicit information about an applicant, offer an interview, hire an applicant, or that applicants will be available or meet the needs of an employer or client.

Guarantees and Liability

You acknowledge that you are using the Services at your own risk and accept that these Services are provided to you “as is” and “subject to availability.” In particular, Beetween does not guarantee that:
(i) your use of the Services will meet your requirements;
(ii) your use of the Services will be uninterrupted, accessible at any time, safe and error-free;
(iii) all information obtained as a result of your use of the Services will be accurate and reliable.

Downloading or acquiring other content or information while using the Services is done at your sole discretion and at your own risk. You are solely liable for any damage to your computer system or other device and for data loss that may result from downloading that item.

No advice or any oral or written information which you obtain through Beetween Services creates any guarantee other than what is explicitly defined in these terms of use. In addition, Beetween expressly excludes any explicit or implicit guarantees and conditions of any kind, including but not limited to guarantees and implied conditions of market quality, adequacy for a particular use, or absence of fraud.

You acknowledge and agree that Beetween cannot be held liable to you for:

(a)     any direct, indirect, fortuitous, special, consequential, or exemplary damage, regardless of how it is caused or the liability claimed, including but not limited to loss of profits (direct or indirect), loss of fame or reputation, data losses you may suffer, costs of providing alternative goods or services, and other non-material losses;

(b)     any loss or damage suffered by you, including but not limited to any loss or damage resulting from:

(i)     trust you have put in the completeness, accuracy, or existence of advertisements, or as a result of a relationship or transaction between you and an advertiser or sponsor whose advertising appears on the services;

(ii)    any changes made by Beetween to the services, or as a result of any temporary or permanent termination of the provision of services (or any feature of the services);

(iii)   the deletion, corruption, or inability to store content and other communication data managed or transmitted through the services;

(iv)    any failure on your part to communicate accurate account information to Beetween;

(v)       any breaches on your part to protect your password and account information and keep it confidential.

The limits of Beetween’s liability to you, set out in the paragraph above, apply even if Beetween has been or should have been notified of the possibility of such losses.


You acknowledge that Beetween owns all legal rights, titles, and interests, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights over or within the Services (whether or not these rights are registered, and in all places in the world where these rights may exist).

You are not authorized to use commercial names, trademarks, department brands, logos, domain names, or any other distinctive Beetween sign.

Beetween acknowledges and agrees that it will not be able to acquire any rights, title, or interest from you in relation to the information you provide, publish, transmit, or post about the Services or through them, including property rights (whether these rights are registered or not, and in all parts of the world where these rights may exist). You acknowledge that you are responsible for the protection and enforcement of these rights and that Beetween has no obligation to protect or enforce them on your behalf.

Advertising Items

Some Services are ad-supported and may display ads or promotions. These ads may be closely related to the content of information stored on the Services, requests made using the Services, or other information. Beetween allows you to access and use the Services; in return, you allow Beetween to insert these ads on the Services.

Applicable Law

By using Beetween Services, you agree to the terms of use described above. Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the terms of use or the enforcement of the Services will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts enforcing French law.

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