Inbound recruiting: definition according to CDR Recruitment

CDR Recruitment: the inbound recruiting specialist gives its definition of a good candidate experience

In his desire to change the mentality of recruitment, Damien Ciseron, founder of CDR Recruitment, has equipped himself with our ATS software in order to offer a better candidate experience. Discover with Beetween the inbound recruiting and its definition according to CDR Recruitment.

CDR Recruitment in a few words

Composed of 17 self-employed experts, CDR Recruitment has set itself the objective of facilitating access to recruitment specialists for all companies, whatever their size. The team is made up of experts in relational and behavioural analysis, former recruiters specialised in particular sectors of activity, specialists in inbound and outbound recruiting as well as sales people who are attentive to needs.

Logo of CDR Recruitment, an aggregation of 17 self-employed recruitment enthusiasts, operating throughout France.

CDR Recrutement emphasizes concepts such as honesty, transparency, humanity and respect. In order to remain faithful to these values, CDR Recruitment only accepts assignments that fall directly within its field of competence and do not involve any conflict of interest.

Recruitment by Damien Ciseron: definition of inbound recruiting

People first

CDR Recruitment bases its entire recruitment method on the use of two methods that are both opposite and complementary: outbound and inbound recruiting.
In simple terms,outbound recruiting techniques allow you to go and find the candidate where he or she is (such as the multi-posting of job offers on the right job boards for example). Inbound recruiting, according to Damien Ciseron’s definition, is more about attracting talent through high value-added content, and convincing them to apply.

I make it a point of honour every day to provide a quality candidate experience

Employer brand and candidate experience are notions considered by Damien Ciseron as powerful levers for candidate motivation, and therefore for the success of the inbound recruitment mission.

The technique and science of recruitment

With its many specialists, CDR Recruitment is particularly familiar with the building trades, whether in design or execution. Inbound recruiting, by definition very qualitative, requires a lot of commitment from the recruiter. This method requires a high level of knowledge of all the trades concerned.

A qualitative recruitment process above all

In order to respect its values and offer an exceptional candidate experience, CDR Recruitment supports candidates and client-recruiters throughout the recruitment process:

  1. Upstream: by defining the needs of the client-recruiter (position, profile sought) and by preparing the action plan (competitive intelligence, drafting of advertisements).
  2. During: by sourcing the best talents and by multiplying the job offers on the most efficient platforms, as well as by carrying out a careful pre-selection of the candidates and by accompanying the client-recruiter in his final choice (questionnaires, study of the CVs, interviews, etc.).
  3. Downstream: by assisting client-recruiters in the implementation of the onboarding of the new employee.

Feedback from CDR Recruitment

The need for ATS software

When you want to specialize in recruitment, you need a specialized software. ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) meets this need by supporting the recruiter throughout the recruitment process, from the drafting of advertisements to hiring, including sourcing, centralization of candidates in a qualified CV library, etc.

At the very beginning, I tried to create an e-mail box for each profession, which caused many organizational problems.

For Damien Ciseron, the advantages of an ATS are numerous, because it is a tool that allows to centralize a large number of actions:

  • Multiply the job offers
  • Sourcing talent
  • Centralize applications and sort them efficiently
  • Organize recruitment (including in Trello mode)
  • Communicate in real time with candidates and notify them of developments in their applications
  • Allow the client-recruiter to have a live view of potential candidates

The Beetween advantage: seamless adaptability

With Beetween, Damien Ciseron has found the answer to all his needs. The interfacing of the advertisements with the various job boards, the management and the follow-up of the multicast advertisements, the quality and the intuitiveness of the user interface, the customer service, the career site… are all qualitative functionalities used by CDR Recruitment.

Beetween meets all of our recruitment needs. The handling is fast and intuitive.

Fully customizable, Beetween is an all-in-one recruitment software that assists you throughout the recruitment process and greatly improves the candidate journey, and therefore the employer brand.

The little extras of Beetween according to CDR Recruitment

For Damien Ciseron, Beetween’s plus points are above all the quality of its job broadcasting service and its customer service.

The quality of service, their reactivity, as well as the desire to move forward in a human direction (…) makes beetween an ATS that deserves to become one of the future major players.

With Beetween, CDR Recruitment has noticed a considerable time saving in the management of recruitment. With a more efficient organization, as well as a positive employer brand due to the services offered, Beetween has met the challenge!

Thanks to Damien Ciseron for his trust.

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